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WORK HARD, BE PREPARED, LOOK GOOD Click On Catalog To View Click On Catalog To View

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Family Owned & Operated for over 100 years!! WHO WE ARE…. Founded in 1915 by Frank Robison and Willard Smith, as Robison & Smith, Century Linen & Uniform found its start by picking up household laundry in Amsterdam, NY, traveling by horse and buggy. The business flourished and grew, expanding into commercial laundry. Since then, the company continued to grow, taking on more commercial work, especially healthcare, such as hospitals and nursing homes. The company later expanded further, providing wash services to restaurants and hotels. Over the years, market demands transitioned from wash service to linen rental – meaning Century owns the linen and provides weekly rental and exchange of linen to our customers. Today, over 90% of our work is linen and uniform rental service. The other 10% being composed of processing COG (Customer Owned Goods), dry cleaning, and coin operated Laundromats. Over 100 years since it’s founding, Century Linen & Uniform is still owned & operated by the Smith family.

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Century Linen & Uniform is proud to maintain affiliations among a wide range of organizations, allowing us to better serve our customer by having access to more available resources and credible industry information from leading organizations

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5 55% of first impressions are based on overall appearance and people often decide whether or not they like you and will do business with you within 10 seconds. 82% of consumers associate tables set with cloth, with a better restaurant & better ambiance 80% of the dust, dirt and grime in public buildings are “tracked in” from the outside. A managed laundry program can reduce your liability of cross-contamination for your employees & patients . WE UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS & GOALS “We’ve helped 100’s of businesses like yours to enhance their image & sustain the longevity of their business! We are the experts. ” UNIFORMS TABLE LINENS FACILITY SERVICES RETAIL MEDICAL “We have the knowledge to help you succeed!”

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INDUSTRIES WE SERVE Food & Beverage Restaurant Retail Medical Food Processing Farming Industrial Automotive Hotel

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HOW WE DO IT BETTER “Century Is Large Enough To Service All Your Needs & Small Enough To Care About Them” WE HAVE MULTIPLE LEVELS OF SERVICE TEAM MEMBERS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE TYPE OF SERVICE, YOU CAN ONLY GET FROM A FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED SUPPLIER ROUTE SERVICE REP Phone support is readily available from a trained Customer Service Rep CUSTOMER SERVICE REP  Inventory Support Managers can react quickly to issues and regularly ride routes to check in INVENTORY SUPPORT MANAGERS - Regional Service Managers provide high-level support REGIONAL SERVICE MANAGER  Your Route Service Rep (or "driver") can help with most requests

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OUR TECHNOLOGY SETS US APART  RSR’S TABLETS Your RSR has full control & instant access through their handheld computer to instantly communicate to customer service tasks to manage your account like, Inventory adjustments, Add/change/remove items, Add/remove wearers, Request credit for wearers/uniforms, Complaints or issues that require follow up from Customer Service,& Editing customer information . CUSTOMER PORTAL Century customers receive 24/7 access to a variety of tools to help you manage your account including: Paying your bill securely online, View/print invoices and custom reports, Review, place, and change orders, View garment repair info and RFID scan history  RFID CHIPPING RFID ends garment delivery inaccuracies. At Century Linen & Uniform, we know exactly what should be returned. We also help you control your apparel program by providing on demand reports of inventory, employee usage and abuse, cleaning and replacement history, and more!

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EASY TO READ & UNDERSTAND INVOICE’S 1.Invoice: The invoice number 2.Inventory: The inventory quantity is the complete circulating inventory allocated to your account (includes on shelf, in use, and in soil/at plant) 3.Required: The quantity you are scheduled to receive this delivery 4.Minimum: The minimum quantity you are billed for (based on a percentage of your inventory) 5.Delivered: The quantity delivered today (if the order was not completed, Required would show the quantity you were supposed to receive, and Delivered would show the actual quantity delivered) 6.Replace: The automatic replacement charges associated with high loss items (based on a contracted percent of the delivered quantity at replacement cost). Used to replace worn and lost linen. 7.Charge: The total for that line item is calculated by multiplying the higher of the Minimum and Delivered columns by the Process Price, then adding the Replace amount. GARMENT: If you see GARMENT in the Process column, see the attached garment manifest for detailed billing by wearer. The total for each garment type is brought forward. 8.Adjustments: A space for your Route Rep to make adjustments if needed. 9.A/R Aging: A breakdown of unpaid invoice amounts by number of days past due. 10.Total: The invoice total for this delivery

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HOW WE ROLL….. Your Account Overview Synopsis At Century Linen & Uniform we service 100’s of customers a week! That means we do a lot of laundry, 1000’s of pieces actually, & we need a detailed system in place to accommodate everyone’s needs. All of our pieces are sorted & laundered according to material type, soil-content, wash water temperatures, detergent mixes & times of agitation Than we use our RFID tracking chips & our back-up bar code system to get your stuff back to you Are we perfect? We wash 100’s of garments a week, so let ask you “Do you have an odd sock pile at home?” Exactly! If we misplace something we replace it & get it to you

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INDUSTRIAL UNIFORMS 11 Recognize that value comes in many forms The look of your workforce is often the first impression of your business. Here are some of the many benefits that you can expect from your uniform program: Brand Image – Employee apparel speaks volumes about how your company is perceived. That is why an image program is so important. We are the absolute best at unique uniforms that compliment your brand and meet your needs. Consistency – An image program is an extension of your brand and helps ensure consistency. You can rest assured knowing that your customers see the image you intend. Compliance & Safety – Uniforms can serve as your best line of defense against workplace injuries. Plus, certain work wear, like our hi-visibility or flame resistant garments, are designed to meet government safety requirements which keep your employees and your business compliant. Financial Impact – By partnering with Century Linen & Uniform you get the image program you need all within your budget. Plus, uniforms can help improve your bottom line. A professional appearance helps improve employee moral which directly impacts customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer leads to a loyal customer, and brand loyalty ultimately increases profits. Value – Century Linen & Uniform is the benchmark for value-added service in the uniform industry and meets its ever-growing demands promptly, efficiently and effectively. CLICK TO VIEW

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Diners prefer table linens. Clean, crisp linen creates a feeling of luxury & a natural atmosphere for both casual & fine dining. When you give your customers what they want, they will come back again & again TABLE LINEN

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RESTAURANT UNIFORMS 13 When it comes to first impressions, appearances make a big difference. This is extra true in the restaurant world! Although uniforms look different at each restaurant, there’s no denying that appearances are important! The right uniforms can define your brand, mark employees, inspire employee pride, create a professional environment, and inspire customer confidence Century Linen & Uniform has been helping their customers, impress their customers since 1915! If you don’t have a program for your restaurant, let us show you how a custom program can benefit you! – If you already have a uniform program – let us show you how we can do it better! CLICK TO VIEW

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RETAIL MEDICAL 14 Our Healthcare Linen Service programs are designed to reduce the risk of infection, improve patient comfort and care, as well as reduce waste and environmental impact. We can help you have a cleaner, greener (environmental and bottom line) healthcare facility.  At Century, we know that for healthcare institutions, reliability is of the utmost importance. In over 100 years, we've never missed a delivery. *Hospitals, *Extended Care Centers, *Nursing Homes, *Outpatient Facilities, *Surgery Centers *Long Term Care Centers, *Primary Care Centers, *Physicians Offices, *Dental Offices CLICK TO VIEW Click on Dr Jones to see video to prevent liability from cross-contamination & infection.

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FACILITY SERVICES Plus if we're already at your business every week; consolidate vendors to save time, money, and hassle. We deliver our facility services - like carpet floor mats, wet and dust mops, restroom supplies, and first aid - on the same invoice and on recurring, regular service schedules so you don't have to remember to order, or worry about running out! CLICK TO VIEW Floor Mats Custom Logo Mats Kitchen Comfort Flow Mats Scraper Entrance Mats Safety Mats First Aid Wet Mops Dust Mops Restroom Supplies Paper Towels Bath Tissue Anti-Bacterial Soap Hand Sanitizer Industrial Hand Cleaner Air Fresheners Urinal Screens CENTURY LINEN & UNIFORM WILL HELP YOU KEEP YOUR ESTABLISHMENT CLEAN & INVITING, WITH OUR FACILTY MAINTENANCE IMAGE PROGRAM, TO KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS COMING BACK AGAIN & AGAIN!

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YOUR INVESTMENT 16 Century knows you work hard for your money. We know, because we do to! We are a hard working, honest company & we know that if you elect to spend your money with us you expect to get the service level you need to prosper. Being family owned & operated, we take that very seriously & believe that every customer we have is a true partner. We know that there is a real cost involved to service your account PROPERLY & we work hard to give you the lowest cost possible so you can benefit from the total value of your program with Century Linen & Uniform!

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WHY CHOOSE US WHY CHOOSE CENTURY LINEN & UNIFORM ? Well, at Century Linen & Uniform we don't just sell our customers products. We partner with our customers to provide them benefits & solutions to enhance their image & increase their business longevity. Our weekly service helps our customers keep their employees looking sharp & their establishments look clean, crisp & inviting. We've been helping our customers, impress their customers since 1915 ! Customers prefer Family Owned & Operated

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WHY CHOOSE US WHY CHOOSE CENTURY LINEN & UNIFORM ? Family Owned and Operated As a multi-generational, family-owned company, we have forged partnerships with our customers. And we personalize service to your needs. We are an independent company, not a national chain. We support local families & we re-invest into our local economy. Over 100 Years In Business Since 1915 Century has thrived by serving customers effectively and courteously. Generations have trusted Century for Table Linen, Restaurant needs, uniform rentals, mats, custom apparel, safety products, restroom supplies and more. We’re a stable company and have grown and prospered through changing economic times. We continuously reinvest in our employees, equipment and facilities to improve performance and ensure success for our customers. Everything You Need We offer convenient one-stop shopping of uniform rental, dust control, safety apparel, restroom supplies, and linen supply. Multi Service Levels Your account is serviced to the highest standards through the checkpoints of our multiple service levels from the RSR who you see every week; to our in office customer service reps who you will be able to reach by phone not an answering machine. RFID Tracking Chips ,Each of your garments has an RFID tracking chip in it. Customer Portal Our Customer portal allows you full access to your account.  No Shortage Guarantee We know you need your products & we guarantee you will get your products in full for the week or its free! Our Service Promise We work hard to keep our customers happy & we guarantee our service in writing! If you have a problem that we don't take care of within a specified time period, you get to cancel your service with us. It's that simple! Customers prefer Family Owned & Operated

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