Writing Grant Proposals That Win


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Pub Date: 2011-10-19 | ISBN-10 : 1449604676 | ISBN-13 : 9781449604677 | Author : Deborah Ward | Publisher : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc Writing Grant Proposals That Win, Fourth Edition offers step-by-step instructions and clear examples of how to write winning grant proposals. It offers practical guidance on how to: ? Express the need for the project. ? Describe objectives and activities. ? Outline an evaluation plan. ? Create a workable project budget. The Fourth Edition is a thorough update with all new charts, graphs, tables, and figures; as well as new examples and coverage of current topics. Students will come away with a clear understanding of how reviewers function and what they are looking for in proposal sections, in addition to what is needed to maximize every aspect of the proposal. The text is loaded with useful tips that will enable your students to hit the ground running, including how to assess a program announcement and ensure each requirement is addressed; condense your entire proposal into a brief but compelling abstract; determine what appendices to include (and in what form) for maximum impact; adequately describe project dissemination and continuation plans; use technology -- including desktop publishing, graphics, color, and spreadsheets for budget development -- to enhance your proposals; and structure your proposal to increase your chance of winning. Type The Book Title On Search Form at http://pdfalot.com/free

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