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Evaluating PowerPoint to Flash converter This test presentation highlights key quality points which should be considered while choosing a software for PowerPoint to Flash conversion

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Key Quality Points Accuracy of shapes conversion Shapes geometry, Positioning, Text quality, Text formatting, Lists & bullets Support of animations and transition effects Dozens of animation effects and slide transitions should work correctly Flash presentation file size Flash file compactness is one of key product quality indicators Support of embedded objects Embedded diagrams, Flash movies, sounds and videos should look correctly Structure of output Ability to create one flash file from PowerPoint presentation can be important for many applications Conversion speed Fast converter saves your time

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Accuracy of shapes conversion: geometry FlashSpring uses vector representation of PowerPoint shapes and texts in Flash format. This gives high quality of shapes and compact Flash files. It’s particularly important when your shapes or whole presentation are scaled or when you apply animation effects which change shape size such as Magnify or Grow/Shrink. Quad Arrow Star

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Accuracy of shapes conversion: geometry and positioning Input Process Output Information Pay attention to geometry and mutual positioning of shapes, arrows and text objects on this slide. FlashSpring carefully keeps visual parameters while converting your presentation to flash. After conversions you will get your presentation with all arrows showing to right positions as in source presentation. All text labels keep their places.

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Accuracy of shapes conversion: geometry and positioning Explosion Down Ribbon Vertical Scroll Callout Correct conversion of shapes dimensions is extremely important for your presentations look correctly in Flash. Look at this slide after conversion. FlashSpring carefully fitted shapes into the grid.

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Accuracy of shapes conversion: text quality All texts of PowerPoint presentation with their formatting should have the same fonts, height and other styles after conversion into Flash presentation. FlashSpring embeds all fonts used in PowerPoint presentation into converted Flash file and provides correct look of your texts with all decoration effects applied in Flash.

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Accuracy of shapes conversion: lists and bullets List level 1 List level 2 List level 3 List level 4 List level 5 FlashSpring supports all bullet types available in PowerPoint. Standard or number bullets, custom symbols and images will look correctly after conversion of your presentation to Flash format. List level 1 List level 2 List level 3 List level 4 List level 5

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Support of animations and transition effects Entrance Emphasis Motion Paths Exit Shapes Texts, lists: One Two Three FlashSpring supports all four PowerPoint animation types: Entrance, Emphasis, Motion Paths and Exit animations applied to any PowerPoint objects: shapes, texts, lists, images and embedded objects (diagrams, flash movies, videos).

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Output file size FlashSpring creates compact Flash files.

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Support of embedded objects: Flash movies FlashSpring transfers Flash movies embedded into your slides to Flash presentation accurately keeping their animated content.

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Solid flash file FlashSpring converts your presentation into Flash keeping all interactive and multimedia elements and it embeds them all, even external sound and video files, into output Flash file.

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Try FlashSpring Download and try FlashSpring! http://www.flashspring.com/download.html

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