Herbal Frigidity Treatment To Increase Female Desire Naturally


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Herbal Frigidity Treatment To Increase Female Desire Naturally

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Herbal Frigidity Treatment Sleep disorders, night sweats, fatigue, dryness, mood disorders and endocrine disorders can make daily life miserable for women where she may lose natural desire for physical intimacy and may ignore conjugal activities.

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Herbal Frigidity Treatment Many women feel down in desire after 40s where they suffer from dryness, thinning of tissues, atrophy, irritation, itching, soreness and various other pregnancy-related and menstrual health issues. Women having a low desire may not get adequate lubrication, at the same time; the skin gets extra sensitive to irritation.

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Herbal Frigidity Treatment Such situations can reduce arousal, response to intimacy and physical pleasure. Estrogen pills for endocrine support, nutritional supplements and dietary supplements along with relaxing mechanisms and exercise can provide a combined approach to relieve these problems.

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Herbal Frigidity Treatment Ayurveda offers cures by bhasma - based on unique mechanism where the metals are reduced to nano particles and these metals can take the shape of liposomes, nanocrystals and other cells as the drug carrier size is reduced to reach deeper tissues for enhanced nourishment.

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Herbal Frigidity Treatment Herbal frigidity treatment provides nourishment through nano particles of metals to reduce general debility and increase female desire. The mechanism adopted for preparing such particles involves processing of metals and minerals in herbs and then heating to causes linear expansion of metals.

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Herbal Frigidity Treatment The regulated heating and immediate cooling reduces tension, and causes disruption in compression tension equilibrium which enhances brittleness of metals and reduces its hardness to make it float on the water surface.

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Bhasma In Kamni Capsules Various bhasma have different biological properties and these are effectively absorbed into the body bloodstream without producing irritation to the gastrointestinal tract and without disrupting the regular mucus membrane in the digestive tract.

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Bhasma In Kamni Capsules These bhasma if taken on finger end, fill the small lines / furrows of finger. These are kept in earthen pots as they achieve the state where they are unable to regain their previous metallic state. These bhasma do not possess grain boundaries and can reach minute body sites where enhancement is required.

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Bhasma In Kamni Capsules Nano particles are easily absorbed by cells and can be easily eliminated from the body. These provide the best ways to cure deep tissue problems as in lungs, and offer effective mechanism to enhance general strength in body tissues to nourish glands, metabolism and enhance mood to increase female desire.

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Bhasma In Kamni Capsules For example - The metals bhasma such as silver bhasma can cure bacterial infections in deeper tissues and most other metals ions such as Ras Sindoor, Nag bhasma, Bang bhasma, Lauh bhasma and others are anti microbial. AyurvedResearch.com

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Kamni Capsules Women suffering from unexplained fatigue and mineral deficiencies suffer from weakness which can have reverse impact on desire, while, herbal frigidity treatment - Kamni capsules provides the basic minerals and metals to prevent deficiencies – which cannot be provided by the regular supplements as bhasmas offer successful mechanisms to enhance energy level in body. AyurvedResearch.com

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Ingredients In Kamni Capsules Kamni capsules bhasma are processed in herbs such as mulethi, dhatura, samel musli etc. Herbal frigidity treatment contains multiple elemental bhasma and the use of plant extract provides most effective ways to cure debility, fatigue and general weakness to provide the body tissues with strength and natural vitality to increase female desire. AyurvedResearch.com

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Summary: This power point presentation describes about herbal frigidity treatment to increase female desire naturally.

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