About Sibernet Group Foundation in India


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About Sibernet Foundation Free Education Platform with 100% Job Assurity

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Total Population where the Sibernet foundation offers Free Education Services

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Our Educational Service Centre The Sibernet Foundation provides free Educational Services in Five Status in India. Chhattisgarh Bihar Jharkhand Utter Pradesh

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Aim of Sibernet Foundation

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The Sibernet Foundation works for the government Educational program "Skill India“ and decrease poverty Encourage standardization in the certification process and initiate a process of creating a registry of skills. Increase productivity of the existing workforce and align the training and certification to the needs of the country. Provide cash rewards for skill certification to boost employability and productivity of youth by incentivizing them for skill trainings Reward candidates undergoing skill training by authorized institutions at an average monetary reward of Rs. 10,000 per student. To benefit one million youth at an approximate total cost of Rs.10 billion.

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Contact Us - Foundation Name – The Sibernet Group Website - http://thesibernetgroup.com/skills Phone Number - +91 (141) 4 910 458

Summary: We offer Government Approved Education Programs with Free Certification and Student Assured Placement Services. Website- http://thesibernetgroup.com/skills/

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