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Educational psychotherapy

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Rebellion (both open and covert) found in the ‘unequally yoked’ have been discovered too in the ‘equally yoked’ but only those who are influenced or surrounded by ‘unequally yoked’ in a diverse multicultural society.

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Lecture notes: Marxist politics, socioeconomic manipulation by globalists, powerful military forces and national domination, subversive meddling intelligence agencies related to world (psychosocial) health

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Social scientists, clinicians in social psychology, researchers of every description

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Plans for the future success of the relationships verses success in life.

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Equally-Yoked Couples …as Equallyokedtarians Webinar Social Psychology - Liberal Arts and Humanities - …ahhh … …mmmm … equally-yoked equally-yoked

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Equally-Yoked Couples Advanced Studies: Dyadic Psychology of Equallyokedtarians Social Psychology SocPsy606 Webinar

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Disclaimer This material may be quoted for educational projects only – i.e., graduate students, clinical researchers, and post-doctorate professionals. All quotations here within are actually either direct or paraphrased quotes from personal interviews, public lectures, formal clinical research journals or mass media publications. So therefore, the use of any quotations here within is granted and understood that it may be used for educational purposes in: counseling practicums, social psychology research, supervised clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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Objectives Some more Philosophy “Preferred” …Professional Orientated Critiques Social Psychology Etiology: Why Equally Yoked/Unequally-yoked? Religious Doctrine Theologics/The justification of ‘true’ equality. Law and Justice Prenuptials/Divorce contracts enforced - Liberal Arts and Humanities - Webinar

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“Unprefered”–Yoked… Couples: One very fat weight – one very skinny weight One very poor income – one very rich income One very ‘sociable’ – one is very ‘homebody’ One talks very fast – one talks very slow One very tall in height – one very short in height One highly educated – one lowly educated One ill mannered – one well mannered1 - The True Phenomenology of “Opposites Attract”

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An Example of “Equallyoked” Ethnicity Political Party Race Color Religion Age Sex (Male) Marital Status Ethnicity Political Party Race Color Religion Age Sex (Female) Marital Status Sexual (pleasure preference) orientation Sexual (pleasure preference) orientation Civil Identity #1 Civil Identity #2 Beliefs - Soc101: “Civil Identity” “Civil Identity” is actually a unique mosaic of one’s present: Ethnicity, Political Party, Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Sex, Sexual (Pleasure Preference) Orientation, Marital Status, Family Status, ….. ‘equal to’/or ‘about equal to’

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“…core values…” Research reveals that ‘core values’, i.e., about faith, family, finances, and future differ greatly between couples who have been identified as either equally yoked compared with those who are identified as unequally yoked.10 Monaco, 2001

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Familial DNA - Analysis Certificate 1 Certificate 2 Mongoloid Negrozoid Caucazoid Percentage of Gene Expression* White Indian Mongoloid Negrozoid Caucazoid White Semitic % % * Baselines: Social identity, Civil identity, Family identity, ‘Personality’, ‘Character’, and Familial DNA Analysis n n The Biopsychosociocultural Model, Family DNA Baselines “civil identity”1 “civil identity”2

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Multicultural Friendly “In a multicultural-friendly society numerous equally yoked couples are on the brink of extinction. The number of unusual coupleships is astonishing.” 1, 4 Dr. ………. M.D.,Psychiatry Social Psychology - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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…“Sex Porn”… Sexual Pornography- Movies, Internet videos, and live shows that display perverse and overly-passionate sexual acts. Unequally yoked (fetishes, quirks, …passions) Perverse sex acts, rough and humiliating sex, bizarre sexuality, and for cash profit-acting out of sex. Equallyoked: (assigned videos to watch) The legal use of equallyoked heterosexual/sex education to promote mature premarital sexual health, marital sex education and psychosexual therapy. Liberal Arts and Humanities: Sex Porn

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Lack of Good Discrimination Studies in Stereotyping of Equally Yoked Dyads is needed. Lack of Good Discrimination in choosing an ‘equally yoked’ relationship – a soul mate – a lifetime relationship was one factor identified.(a) Origins, causes and effects of both the ‘equally yoked’ and ‘unequally yoked’ coupleships are multifactorial and prejudice, bias, or discrimination in a mulitcultural secular society is a given – its there – designed and develop by secularistic anti-stereotypes for personal profit and maintained in the face of contrary evidences.(b) Up-to-date studies of ‘equally yoked’ dyads (and other twosome forms) have clearly demonstrated that all have experienced, some form prejudice in life.(ibid) - SocPsy600

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A Modern Society “Right now, we are living in the midst of an ‘equallyokedtarian’ holocaust - ‘Equally Yoked’ couples are experiencing unremarkable rates of the threat of extinction by wars, malnutrition or starvation, lustful immorality, and corporate backed catastrophic financial disasters. And this demise of humanity is largely of our own human brand of making.” 3 Dr. ….……….PhD Social Psychology - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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Coupling up…. “Nonequallyoked” – Couples who do recognize equallyokedtarianism as a social mores and yet for their own ulterior motives still choose to violate social mores as an rash option. “Unequally yoked” – Couples who are somewhat naïve, thus inadvertently demonstrate opposition to equallyokedtarianism - as truly an established social mores. “Anti-equallyoked” – Couples who are a bit mentally/ emotionally disturbed and are deliberately active against proper socialization, contrary to equallyokedtarianism and social mores, - Introduction to Social Psychology …in a ‘hook up’ culture

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Contemporary Society “We are systematically by ‘leftist’ secularization polluting the minds of massive individuals and their families; illegal immigration, invasive occupation of foreign countries, rape and date rape-childbearing, and so, so, so, much more - introducing new combinations of ‘civil identities’ that out competes the indigenous ones; and moving unequallyoked couples from one place to another without regard for equallyokedtarians.” 3 Dr. …….…….DrPsy - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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“Coupling-Up” “Unequally yoked” Deviant social mores. Perverse motives. Diverse ‘civil identities’ for aberrant coupling-up. “Equallyoked” A ‘like’ civil identity – a social mores. Nearly equal or very similar civil identities. Abiding in ‘true’ family values for extending family lineage. “In-equallyoked” Incestual relationships-with a marital outcome. Enmeshed distance family relationships. May be 1st or 2nd cousins resulting in marriage. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

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“Violation of Social Mores” Discrimination against ‘equallyokedtarians’ is actually eroding and destroying ‘Social Mores‘* ...referring to…. “Social” …associating in a social way, i.e., “folkways”, socializing, socialization - especially in marriage1, “Mores” …that of moral codes, mental health values, valued standards of behaviour, spiritual ideologies 2. *Also, +customs, proper conduct/etiquette, health behaviours/+norms, and a healthy lifestyle. 3 Use in a Sentence: “Their family abided in good social mores that reflected their sense of integrity.” 4 - The Biopsychosociocultural Medical Model/Psychiatric Sociology

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Biopsychosociocultural factors: Smoke and fumes Air pollution Water contamination Poisonous chemicals “Unequallyoked” individuals Toxic substances Food impurities Sewage Irradiation Congenital DNA defects Noise Hot heated temperatures Icy cold temperatures Lies Catastrophe Communicable pathogens - An Internet Search for biopsychosociocultural factors wars poverty EMWs epidemics spying accidents Invisible forces Illicit sex Illicit drugs

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“Civil Identity1” Ethnicity: Politics: Religion: Race: Color: Age: Sex: Female Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation: Marital status: Ethnicity: Politics: Religion: Race: Color: Age: Sex: Male Sexual (pleasure preference) Orientation: Marital status: “Civil Identity2” “Civil Identity” is actually a unique mosaic of one’s present: Ethnicity, Political Party, Race, Color, Religion, Disability, Sex, Sexual (Pleasure Preference) Orientation, Marital Status, Family Status, …..

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“…encourage and contend…” A small research study has proven that “equally yoked couples” tend to encourage without contention, one another, towards healthy living purposefully by decisions and free choices.8 Tuvalu, 2000 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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SocPsy606 Social Psychology Webinar

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A Few ‘Unequally Yoked’ Studies Some social psychologists are interested in how and why ‘unequally yoked’ dyads engage in anger, hatred and violence, or act aggressively. Dyadic psychologists believe that a rudimentary cause of a lot of the violence and aggression in a multicultural society is the ‘unequally yoked’1 Other researchers claim that within the numerous factors that may cause aggression a major social variable in the ‘unequally yoked’ influenced by the secular media. (a) - SocPsy666

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Unequally Yoked: Causes Causes of Unequally Yoked ‘coupling-up’ (postulated) Subcultural view: Self-image distortion Social learning: Observing perversions/secular media Psychological view: Impaired cognitive functioning, moral/religion derangement, and personality defects Epigenetic factors:Imbalanced-familial/& biological heritage Problem behavior syndrome: Social maladjustment and emotionally distressed in youth -> subcultural thrill of violating social mores/and the exhilaration of crime. Gateway drugs: Access to/available mind-altering drugs/chemicals. Social Psychiatry Notes: Beliefs, Values, and Attitudes

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“…time spent daily…” A series of research studies have shown to date that those couples who are considered “equally yoked” when compared to those who are “unequally yoked” do spend a differing amounts of time in the home in daily devotionals and worshipping God in public together. “Equally yoked couples” tended to spend more time in daily devotionals. Also, most studies were unclear if “unequally yoked couples” actually spent more time together in public worship.17 Argentina, 2001 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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Psychiatric Sociology Thoughts and Thinking disorder /disunion- Cyclic-etiologic Factors: Biologic Causes – Air pollutants – Water contaminants – Food toxins and poisons Psychologic Causes – Mental/Factual Lies – Moral Perversions – Emotional Abuse Social/Cultural Causes – “Unequallyoked” intimate relationships PSYCHO Disordered Thoughts and Thinking SOCIOCULTURAL “Unequallyoked” Coupling BIO Brain Toxins/ Chemistry The Biopsychosociocultural Medical Model/ Lifestyle and Epigenetics CNS

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Confounding Factors Error: Mindless Sex The most confounding of all clinical errors related to identifying the ‘reference couple’…is MINDLESS SEX -> large families – with more than one child or more than two undisciplined children or delinquents. verses Dyads with full enriching sex lives with one (or maximum two disciplined children raised up to become good citizens, well disciplined religious members, freely pursuing responsible happiness. - Liberal Arts and Humanities - - SocPsy333

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“…dreams come true…” A study having to do with ‘dreams’.. Produced interesting results: “Equally yoked couples” and unequally yoked couples scored about the same with respect for having a ‘clear understanding’ of what it will take to help one another’s dreams come true.9 Zambia, 2005 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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“The Most.. of Social Groups” “Equallyokedtarians” are the most targeted social groups for destruction by world totalitarian/ tyrannical powers there is in global multi-culturalism.1 Degradation of people’s ‘self esteem’ comes from the demise of family and destruction of individual “Civil identity” by the powers-that-be2 in order to attain and maintain governmental control/rule. The empowered liberal: media, public education, and multicultural secularism perpetuates ‘cultural confusion’ - and in such, thereby ruining the individual identities and family lineages of a country’s peoples.3 - Concepts in Social Psychology

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Motivation Purpose in Life “Unequallyoked individuals are hiding from being their ‘true’ self by intimately associating with people whom they really don’t enjoy being with.” Anonymous Psychotherapist - Social Psychology: Psychotherapy

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“...more compassionate…” An extensive study online study – questionnaires answered among individuals who were in an ‘equally yoked’ relationship proved they were more ‘compassionate’ then those who were in an ‘unequally yoked’ relationship. Actually, ‘unequally yoked’ individuals tended to cover up the other’s errors meaning they would cover for them.11 Liechtenstein, 2011 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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Organic Brain – ‘Unequally Yoked’ Traumatic injury Congenital deformation Substance abuse and chemical addition - SocPsy555 A few studies have shown, in fact, that brain damage plays a role in the mate selection of the unequally yoked. (USA, 2001) - The Liberal Arts and Humanities - BRAIN Cohorts: n=13 Schizophrenic vs non-schizophrenic

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Good versus Evil The “Unequally yoked” have declared war: …against God’s own created and chosen coupleships – all equally yoked couples by use of Luciferianism Satan and all of demons of hell are out to – Destroy the equally yoked coupleship/all such coupleships ‘They’ are enemies of ‘equally yoked’ coupleship… aim to deliver opposition to the those who are equally yoked engaged, coupleships, marriages, and families. Theology 101: The God of Creation

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Development of Cults Null: ID (no awareness about civil identity at all) In-equally Yoked (consanguineous relatives) Equally Yoked (true equality by divine appointment) Unequally Yoked (naive, innocent, gullible) Anti-equally Yoked (deliberate perpetrators) Nonequally Yoked ( irrationally mismatching) Garden of Eden Adam and Eve Holy Bible Studies - Theological Seminary - Theo101

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“...more compassionate…” An extensive study online study – questionnaires answered among individuals who were in an ‘equally yoked’ relationship proved they were more ‘compassionate’ then those who were in an ‘unequally yoked’ relationship. Actually, ‘unequally yoked’ individuals tended to cover up the other’s errors cover for them.11 Liechtenstein, 2011 - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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A “Safe Space”… “Equallyoked is a contemporary ‘safe space’ from the disassociative microaggression of the ‘unequallyoked’ counterculture.” An Anonymous Quote Psychiatry/Psychotherapy Psychosocial Health Care Washington DC, U.S.A. - Liberal Arts and Humanities -

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“Unequally Yoked” Inequitable - Unjust, an injustice. Iniquious - Unrighteous, a sin. Inequality - Unfair, imbalanced.1 - Biblical, Moral, and Doctrinal Studies II Corinthinans 6:14-18 haven

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Some ‘Unequally Yoked’ Facts One study, after long term observation, describes unequally yoked individuals as ‘learning challenged’-developing social skills somewhat more slowly than those who have been identified as ‘equally yoked’ during the mate selection phase of life.a Other studies have identified one of more in unequally yoked relationships as intellectually and developmentally challenged (not mentally retarded) when compared to ‘equally yoked’.b Individuals in unequally yoked coupleships have histories at some time in their lives of difficulty communicating or socializing with others of the same or similar ‘civil identities.’ c Typically, individuals who have selected unequally yoked coupleships have been measured and recorded has having lower than average scores on IQ tests,b trouble learning in school,a,b and difficulty with problem-solving or logical thinking.c Another study, (..of self reported unequally yoked individuals) identify themselves as babies who have had difficulties talking or talking late also having problems remembering things. a,b,c - SocPsy666

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Equal Opportunity? Secular media- Not giving equallyokedtarians opportunity to be employed in planning and participation* in mass media. Not giving equallyokedtarians opportunity to significate an appropriate presence* in media throughout all of society. Not giving equallyokedtarians opportunity to work in mass media publications* as truly equallyokedtarians in reality. Not giving equallyokedtarians opportunity to negotiate contracts for writing scripts and directing in mass media. Not giving equallyokedtarians opportunity to be employed in/on the set, in productions, and participation* in media. e - Social Psychology: Equallyokedtarianism in the Media * Signification of any of the diverse Equallyoked Couples

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Total Social Justice? Divorce court Settlement - the two is judged as unequally yoked by court decree and mandated… Legal Separation An enforceable restraining order for two unequally yoked individuals to comply with. Annulment All prenuptial contracts of unequally yoked individuals are nullified and dissolved. Intro to Law: Total Social Justice

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The “Unequally Yoked” Denunciation of truth Disposed to negativity Heavy handed speech Wrong doing of social mores Ignoring the indigenous Harm to their selves Disloyal and unpatriotic Violence and war RLGNS 101: Descriptions of the Unequallyoked II Corinthinans 6:14-18 safe space

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The ‘Whys’ of ‘Unequally-yoked’ 1. “Life is too short - I’d better get some sex while I’m able to - ‘you only live once.’ 2. “No one told me when I was a child in school about being ‘unequally yoked’-so, why bother now?” 3. “In playing the ‘game of life’ – I’m going to get it anyway you can.” (no regard for unequally yoked, equally yoked, or otherwise) 4. “Unequally yoked? “Its better then no sex, at all” 5. “If that ever happen to me? No one cares.” 6. “…(unequallyoked?)…the divorce courts are full of unequally yoked, it’s just the way life is.” - SocPsy601

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Outcome Based Measurements Mutual Outcome Benefits - psychosocially healthier, happier, longer life. Separation A legal mensa et thoro Annulment nullity of a legal marriage Divorce No-fault, uncontested - Clinical Social Psychology/Outcome Benefits

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Professional Criticism: “The Al-haytham scientific method, i.e., a systematic critical view - concerning the investigation of biopsychosociocultural coupleships from a variety of diverse harsh directions including the scientists who are conducting an investigation suggests that the ‘unequallyoked’ are subject to a type of evolutionary destruction and certain early death.” (A Journalist Report, Middle East, 1999) - SocPsy666 Translator’s notes: I think it was meant ‘devolutionary’

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Praxis Test Educational Preparation Letter of intent to design and submit a project proposal. Clinical Training Demonstration of an actual field project to conduct. Field Project Description of the intended field project and type of data. Total Points: 100 = A+ Webinar After completing the Webinar lecture, just take the test, so it can be scored ASAP (Please note: being online – in attendance and participation – is additional points ), and a print out of a certificate of completion should be made available right away.

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Practicum Field Project Proposal - Practicum Design and develop a brief survey to be conducted in-class, clinical laboratory, or out on-campus. Include at least 3 Components 1.) If a dyad is Equally yoked?___Unequally yoked?___ 2.) A dyad couple’s opinion __________________ related to whether the couple is or isn’t. 3.) A summary of what the survey revealed. Your opinion. After approval-go do it-and turn in your results. Sample - SocPsy660 100 points

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Extra Credit Write a short essay 1.) Choose a couple with whom you have personal knowledge of and describe them in this essay (no names) in terms of each of their ‘civil identities’. In your conclusion and with your knowledge of dyadic psychology note at the end of the essay if this couple is ‘equally yoked’ or ‘unequally yoked’. a.)_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ 35points - SocPsy600 Sample

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CEs While CEs – by petition – is solely at the discretion of the attendees accrediting organisation - Continuing Education credits earned by attending any of the classes on Equally Yoked Dyads – should accumulate 1.5 hours per class for SocPsy202-SocPsy404 for Social Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors and Psychosocial Health Professionals, Marriage, Family, and Child Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists. SocPsy505-707 CEs are solely at the discretion of the individual attendees accrediting organization. Webinar - SocPsy606 FREE – public domain

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“Be ye not unequally yoked…” II Corinthians 6:14 ‘equal to’/or ‘about equal to’ Permission to Reprint, Copy, or Print Understood Replay: Tues/Thurs, 1pm

Summary: This is a SocPsy606 - Webinar - Arts and Humanities - Now free for educational use only - a public domain offering

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