10 Video Types to Consider for Video Marketing


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10 Video Types to Consider for Video Marketing Accelerate the journey from prospect to customer.

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1. Explainer Videos For effective video marketing up to 54% companies are composing explainer videos.

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2. Awareness/Promo Videos To develop a sense of excitement promo videos are one of the best options. WWW.EXPORTHUB.COM

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3. Vlogs To connect with customers 13% of B2B marketers publish Vlogs. WWW.EXPORTHUB.COM

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4. Social Videos To keep the customer engagement consistent 38% percent companies opt for social promo videos. WWW.EXPORTHUB.COM

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5. Webinars To raise awareness up to 45% companies are incorporating webinars in their video strategy. WWW.EXPORTHUB.COM

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6. Chalk Talk White boards or Chalk Talks are also in trend and 7% companies are keeping up with it. WWW.EXPORTHUB.COM

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7. Product Videos To express the product line out at its best 63% companies produce product demos. WWW.EXPORTHUB.COM

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8. Customer Stories To build trust and reliability there is no better way than sharing satisfied customer’s story and 37% companies are already doing it. WWW.EXPORTHUB.COM

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9. Culture Stories For powerful branding culture videos work best and 23% companies are already up to it. WWW.EXPORTHUB.COM

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10. How-To Videos Customers love information and solutions and How-to videos tend to be the perfect option. WWW.EXPORTHUB.COM

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Summary: The B2B world has shifted to a whole another level. Same is the case with marketing trends. Among different marketing strategies video marketing tends to excel and doing it right is what matters in order to make our audience 'react'. Website: https://www.exporthub.com/

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