Accelerated Mobile Pages and Responsive Web Design


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Difference Between Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) and Responsive Web design Presentation By MakeUBIG Know More at

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Why We Need to Differentiate Between AMP and Responsive Web Design Both AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) and RWD(Responsive Web Design) go hand in hand for vivid user experience as both focus on User’s Experience Know More at Moreover, Responsive Web Design works irrespective of Physical Device While AMP is concerned only with mobile Phones.

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AMP HTML Components AMP is a collection of ingredients rather than whole meal. It has basically three components. (1). AMP HTML (2). AMP Runtime (3). AMP Cache AMP HTML: In AMP HTML some Tags are banned and in turn customised HTML tags are used for interactive functionality. <lin rel=””> HTML Tags help search engines to discover AMP Pages. Know More at

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AMP Runtime Components AMP Runtime: It provides a runtime environment in which AMP pages are executed.Javascript is used to implement AMP Runtime. Main functions of AMP Runtime are & gt; Manage resource Prioritisation and Loading. -> Implementation of AMP components. -> It includes a Runtime Validator for AMP HTML. Know More at

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AMP Cache: AMP Cache is the storage area of validated AMPs and provides fast access to AMPs for reference. Anyone can use it for free. AMP Cache Components Know More at

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Difference Between in Tabular Form Know More at

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Know More at

Summary: Both Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) and Responsive Web Design go hand in hand. They both are essential for User friendly website and ultimately increases the SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) score of Website accelerated mobile pages

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