7 Landing Page Pro Ideas You Need To Try


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7 Landing Page Pro Ideas You Need To Try

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1. Placing and Phrasing Calls-to-Action Where to place and how to phrase the call-to-action (CTA) can make a significant impact on the landing page. Studies have shown that content placed above the fold attracted 80% of customers’ attention.

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2. Split test of images One tool that that can split test the landing page is the Visual Website Optimizer. Change only one item at a time when doing split testing and let the page run for several days and even a month to reach the statistical relevance before evaluating the results.

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3. Matching Ad Copy To Landing Page If there is not much image on the landing page, the copy should be the focal point of the page. It is important to select the relevant text and what is being marketed. Also, it is a good practice that the copy stands out from the background.

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4. Social Proof Social proofs can boost the credibility of the landing page pro immensely. Including the testimonials can be significant and make the site more credible. Endorsements create credibility and eventual conversions.

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5. Navigation Bar placement Simpler is always better when it comes to landing pages. The easier you make it for visitors to focus on their primary objective, the easier it is to convert them into customers. A popular best practice is to avoid putting navigation bars on the landing pages. Although they are helpful to implement in a website, when it comes to landing pages they tend to distract and lead visitors away from the intended action. Eliminating the navigation bar means fewer distractions for visitors and the ability to focus on the primary reason they came to the landing page.

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6. Infusing Creative Words Using puns and word spins can improve a landing page and the possible conversions it might generate. Some of the things to consider when choosing the appropriate creative words are special events, festivals, competitions, promotional activities, and even weather or seasons.

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7. Monitor your competitor’s website Learning from the competitors is also a way of testing the effectiveness of the landing pages. There are tools that will provide alerts on when and what changes did the competitors made on their landing pages.

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And To Conclude… If the landing pages of the website can be improved then it can take things to the next level. Once the focus of attention is determined, making the changes could be as easy as pie. It is recommended to experiment with different headlines, images and bullet points. Even radical changes can be made to the overall layout.

Summary: Determining the best landing page pro can be sometimes dependent on trial and error. There is no such thing as a perfect landing page and it must be considered that it is a dynamic element of the online marketing business. Below are some strategies for testing landing pages.

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