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Local SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

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How to Rank The Keywords? There is more to keyword research than just picking keywords with the highest volume and CPC. In this guide I will go through how to rank the keywords in: Google Maps Organic Search and Craigslist that will get you results.

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Ranking Locally Vs Nationally The advantage of local SEO is that you are mainly only competing with other people targeting the same geo location. The simplicity of ranking that term will generally have to do with the highest keyword search volume and CPC in that particular geo location.

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The Most Important Factors for SEO Success The two most important factors for SEO success are: Keyword Research and Content Creation You can start by using our local keyword finder to find the best geo modifiers to rank your niche in and test them out on various online Channels.

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Google My Business SEO Once you have the list of cities, plug them into Google Search and look at the map pack in each city. You want to look for a result that has a high volume, a decent CPC, as well as a low keyword competition map pack.

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Map Pack Keyword Competition Factors What do the reviews look like? Are there any phrase match keywords in the business names? What are the categories of the businesses that are currently ranking? What is the on-page like for the websites that are ranking?

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Google Organic Search When doing keyword research and analysis for ranking in organic search results, you should look for high ticket, low difficulty keywords, preferably that do not bring up the map pack.

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Keyword Research for Craigslist Craigslist PPL niches are often low/medium ticket and high volume services like: Movers (competitive) Fence services Tree services Mobile dent repair Hauling Mobile mechanics Glass repair Locksmith (competitive)

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Writing Craigslist Ads for the Services Section You can test various formats by simply using different call tracking numbers in each one. You can do this by including a picture of your lead generation partner and including their name in the ad.

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In Conclusion Using these keyword analysis formulas you should be able to rank in all of these local mediums. Enjoy!

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