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Pub Date: 2014-01-29 | ISBN-10 : | ISBN-13 : | Author : Jonathan Li | Publisher : Imagine this: your audience gave you a standing ovation, your client was smiling and handing you a signed contract, your supervisor came to you and said, “Thank you! We’re so glad to have you.” The world has changed. You can influence people and get what you want by making effective business presentations. Mastering business presentations lets you eliminate whatever’s blocking you and take back control of your future. Instead of leaving your future in someone else’s hands. Business presentations make it all possible. Over the years, I get asked many of the same questions over and over. Questions such as… What is a business presentation? Why is business presentation important? How do I make a business presentation? How do I start a presentation? How to handle tough questions during a business presentation? And more… In this book I answer those questions and 13 others. I also offer some suggestions on what comes next. Sign up for our free training (instructions inside this book) and we’ve got additional tools to implement your own Business Presentation Strategies. Type The Book Title On Search Form at