Importance of biodegradable utensils in 2018


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The Ultimate Environment friendly Packaging Solution BY Nature House Green Inc. REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE

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Packaging, playing a vital role in each and every sector must be eco friendly in every aspects. 30% of municipal waste comes from packaging material. Waste including materials like plastic are not degradable which is a very serious issue. Packaging solution must also be “Go Green”

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Reasons to opt for “eco friendly food packaging” No carbon footprints Degrade itself into environment. Helps in decreasing noticeable amount of pollution. Use of Recycled plant fiber in manufacturing Naturally decomposed in landfills

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Cont.. 0 % harmful to earth No use of fossil fuel Healthy to use, no risk of breast and prostate cancer Improve Your Brand Image

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Sugarcane Bagasse Plant Starch Compostable CPLA Corn Plastic Nature House Green uses following raw material:

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Use following products in day to day life and contribute to a healthy environment: Biodegradable Hot Cups as well as cold, bowls & plates. Bio degradable food container. Lids & Napkins which are eco friendly.

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Cont.. Bio degradable Utensils. All the above listing products are also available in custom print & size. Printing uses natural food color.

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Featured Products: Hot cups: Use of Single & Double wall Hot Cups are trending these days as they are less in price and easy to use and dispose. Utensils and food container: Compostable food container are used by many in corporate office, restaurants or at house to store and carry food.

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List of Top 5 manufacturers of Eco-friendly packaging solution: Vegware Pappcoindia Naturehousegreen Goodstartpackaging Biologischverpacken

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Benefits of adopting Eco friendly Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging has the advantage of improving both the reputation of business as well as the environment in which we live in by creating awareness towards social responsibility. Adoption of packaging materials like Compostable CPLA used in manufacturing of Renewable knives, forks & spoons.

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Cont.. Brand Image of a firm gets improved and also government allocates various subsidies and awards for these kind of approach. Being biodegradable, helps efficiently in managing waste related problems. Everyone including your clients sees you as a contributor towards building a better environment for future.

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Don’t be drastic. Say No to plastic: Because it is hard to recycle It is not degradable Harmful to nature as well as animals Can result into diseases like breast & prostate cancer. Waste Management of multi-layered packaging is considered the worst of the worst when it comes to recycling

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Cont.. Danger to aquatic life (Every square mile of ocean has 46,000 pieces of plastic) due to Toxin Sustaining the petroleum industry A study showed that, a group of food vendors on a beach started using disposable printed ice cream cups, within nearly 2 years resulted in decrease of pollution at beach about 30 %

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THANK YOU Take a step towards preserving environment. >>> Adopt Green Packaging Solutions. <<< Address: 1980 Post Oak Blvd #1500, Houston, TX 77056 Office Tel: 281-630-4699 Toll-free: 877-630-4699 Fax: 877-630-4699 Email :

Summary: This presentation is about defining the importance of switching to biodegradable utensils & Compostable Food Packaging, from traditional disposable utensils resulting in a great contribution towards building an eco-friendly environment.

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