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Kindle Tech support Call Toll Free At - 1844-208-8890 Visit Our website

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EPUB format is an open-source platform that is very popular among the readers. With this format, you will be able to share books with your friends a lot easier. This format is not just good for readers, but also for a number of products, which includes Amazon Kindle. But, Kindle is not supporting EPUB format, which could create some issues.

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It would surprise many people, but that’s the truth. There has to be a strong reason for the Kindle to not support EPUB because where other brands have shown a full support to this format, why is Kindle restraining this format to come on its platform.

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But, Kindle users should not be disappointed over this status because they can still read books EPUB files, though they will have to use a different path. There are an eBook management and conversion tool that allows users to port their EPUB books over to their Kindle devices in an easy manner. We are going to shed light on such tool only, and how it makes possible for people to read EPUB eBooks on Kindle.

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If you use an eReader, then there are high chances that it would be Kindle only. But, have you given a thought to the fact that using a device like Kindle bars you from using open-source eBook formats such as EPUB

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Even Kindle help couldn’t provide assistance regarding this issue. I guess not, but there isn’t any need to give a thought because there are certain tools like Calibre, which allows people like you to read EPUB files. What this tool does is, it convert EPUB files into MOBI files, and guess what, MOBI files are readable on Kindle devices. So, Calibre is the need of the time, and you must have it. Here is how you can use this tool:

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You need to download and install Calibre on your Kindle. Go to www Kindle com support for more details. After you install the tool and run it for the first time, Calibre will ask you about the language, right folder, and other things. The folder will be used as your eBook library. After that, you will have to choose your main reader.

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3. You have to choose to add books from the main screen, which you can do by clicking the large icon on the top left corner. You can add EPUB files that you wish to convert. 4. After you have selected the EPUB files that you want to convert into MOBI files, then click on ‘Convert Books’. The process is same for Kindle Fire tablets, but if there is any problem, then get in touch with Kindle Fire support help

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Now, choose the options that suit you. If you have chosen Kindle as your main reader, then Calibre will automatically choose MOBI format during the conversion. Despite the fact that there is a host of options to choose from, you need to find the basic setup because that will be sufficient for most EPUB files. Once everything is settled, go to the bottom right side of the page and click ‘OK’. Contact Amazon Kindle customer service if there is any issue in doing this step.

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6. This process will not take long, and once the files are converted, you can immediately send them by selecting ‘Connect or share’ option. If you feel that your Kindle device is malfunctioning after the installation of Calibre, then you must take the help of Amazon Kindle support. You will be guided as to where the problem lies and what the right solution would be.

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If you don’t know where to get the best Kindle support, then go online and search the same thing. You will get the most appropriate results on the first page of the search engine results. There are many Kindle support providers available in the market, so choose the best one for your device.

Summary: EPUB format is an open-source platform that is very popular among the readers. With this format, you will be able to share books with your friends a lot easier. For more detail contact us toll free 1844-208-8890

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