Bird Nail Clipping


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Welcome To Bird Vet Melbourne Specialist Bird Veterinary Hospital

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About Bird Vet Melbourne You can be confident that your pet is in safe hands. We offer birds excellent veterinary care for their safety. Our staff is well trained to look after your pets and offers advice on diets and illness. Hospital cages can be used to nebulise medications for sick birds with avian respiratory diseases.

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Bird Vet Parrot Diet Dark green Vegetables Parrot Pellets Limited seed Low fat low sugar low salt human foods Certain specific species also need fruit added daily Bird Vet Melbourne recommends a varied parrot diet containing the four food groups, fed every single day.

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Bird Beak repair Avian Veterinarians routinely do Beak Trims Corrective Beak Repair

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The Bird Vet Melbourne Chicken veterinarians help keeping your chickens disease free, by chicken health checks, and giving preventative drugs and medications to your flock. Chicken Veterinary Services

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Summary: Bird Vet Melbourne Avian veterinarians do nail clipping on pet parrots almost every single day. The bird vets are therefore able to easily clip the nails and buff them in a relatively relaxed way. For more info visit

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