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eliteboerboels5 (2 months ago)

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MageMojo (6 years ago)

I like PowerPoint, but how can it be the most important sales tool? I think there are other tools that can help generate or close sales way better. Who thinks PP is the most important sales tool? Why? I am curious. Maybe we don't use it to full potential.

huatulco (7 years ago)

Wow good job! and is a true that companies do not review their presentations. Thanks!

mwcuser (7 years ago)

It's definitely an attention Grabber! good job!

symond (8 years ago)

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Dangerous_Donna (9 years ago)

The path that the line follows was NOT created in powerpoint.

ezrazalman (10 years ago)

It's very clever, however, if it is meant to keep your attention, it doesn't. It is far too slow and loses ones attention. The modern eye has been trained to see things more quickly and the ear has been trained to 'hear' things that are being 'pitched' very quickly. If this were being sold to me, I would have shut it off after the second slide. Etcher-sketch was a childhood toy. Again, clever but not capturing. Power-Point has the potential to be a 'movie' that rivets. This is a far cry from that. But kudos to the producer for thinking out of the box. He will surely be successful at some point.

rapidppt (10 years ago)

great! i like it

Slide 1

Here’s a funny thing

Slide 2

Of B2B companies surveyed PowerPoint was their most important stated sales tool important

Slide 3

72% Yet of companies do not regularly review their presentations

Slide 4

We at Eyeful find this rather worrying

Slide 5

Why are we so worried ?

Slide 6

Product Development People Spend Marketing Spend Final Sales Presentation Because the PowerPoint is the culmination of a lot of work!

Slide 7

Product Development Spend

Slide 8

People Spend

Slide 9

Website Advertising PR Brochures Direct Mail Viral Marketing Marketing Spend

Slide 10

Homegrown presentation! Final Sales Presentation Lack of structure Poor design Credibility Crumbles

Slide 11

Got you thinking? We haven’t finished yet

Slide 12

Are you really supporting sales ?

Slide 13

Your business Your competition against the competition? How are you holding up

Slide 14

act! Time to help? How can we

Slide 15

Health Check Presentation Find out just how well your PowerPoint presentation is performing

Slide 16

Audit Presentation Conduct an on-site review & evaluation of your company’s key presentations

Slide 17

How do we know these work? We listen to our customers... We’re now working PowerPoint much harder First Data

Slide 18

How do we know these work? We listen to our customers... Our presentation is now not only more visually appealing, it’s more effective Software AG

Slide 19

How do we know these work? We listen to our customers... We didn’t know you could do this in PowerPoint! Microsoft

Slide 20

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Summary: Nice presentation shared by one of iSpring Pro customers.

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