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Algebra assignment help

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Define Algebra The branch of math which utilizes various equations for the purpose of finding out unknown variables is algebra. It is one of the most primitive and commonly used branches of algebra.

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Overview of Algebra Algebra functions by using and utilizing the various mathematical symbols and then manipulating them and putting them to good use. It is a study of making use of the algebraic equations which may or not include polynomials as well.

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Parts of Algebra Algebra is composed of certain essential parts which are mentioned in the below section Elementary algebra – it is the most basic and the most primitive if all the parts of algebra and is usually taught to the students of the elementary students. Abstract algebra – this is a bit higher and advanced level of algebra and us generally taught at higher levels. Linear algebra – Linear algebra makes use of different mathematical properties such as the matrices, linear equations, vectors and a lot more.

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Boolean algebra – yet another branch of algebra which makes use of computation and employs the use of truth and false values. Computer algebra – this part of algebra functions by the creation of different types of software and algorithms for mathematical use. Commutative algebra – this field of algebra functions by studying various types of commutative rings like that of the polynomial rings.

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Some terminologies used in Algebra Algebraic expressions – algebraic expression refers to a study of the generalized type of arithmetic operations that take place between the variables or the constants. Inequality – An inequality refers to the state when two statements are not equal to one another within a mathematical expression. They are usually denoted by the inequality sign. Operation – an Operation is any mathematical process that place within the arithmetic grounds. Quadratic equation – a quadratic equation refers to the equation in which the highest degree of a term is second-degree.

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