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VG E liquid Unlike MAX VG e Juice, 100% VG E liquid contains no PG at all. Typically electronic cigarette liquid consists of 3 core ingredients. These are PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and Flavourings. In a typical 10 ml bottle of vape juice, there can be anything from 10 to 25% flavourings. The rest is a mix of PG and VG. If the mix consists of VG alone, the result will be typically labelled as VG eliquid or Max VG. This however is not necessarily 100% VG.

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Our VG E-Juice Different Our ELiquid uses specially formulated flavourings which use Ethyl Alcohol as a base and due to the strength of our flavourings are added in much small quantity. This not only reduces the ingredient percentages, but increases the life of your electronic cigarette atomiser coil. Many of our customers who have had allergies to the typical high street e cig liquid brands have had success converting to our 100% VG e liquid and have reflected their opinions using our outsourced review company. You can see their feedback on any of the product pages within our store.

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Our Products Fives Blended Tobacco Gold & Silver American Tobacco Autumn Pear Banana Bunch Blackberry Rush Black Magic

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Type Of Electronic Cigarettes The last few years have been a whirlwind in technology advancements. Each week a new device with new features came out. Each month a new iteration or even generation of that device appeared and the best electronic cigarettes got bigger and more powerful. Things have now begun to stabilise and finding the right e-liquid can now be categorised between 2 main Ecig types. Either Sub Ohm or Non Sub Ohm vaping. Sub Ohm vaping uses extremely high wattage devices at levels below 1 ohm. You will go through a lot more e-juice, but would not want nicotine strengths more than 6mg. Non Sub Ohm vaping is normally vaped at 1.8 ohms and is therefore vaped at a much lower wattage. Nicotine levels here range from 0mg - 24mg+. In either case, the type of mix you use will not affect the device as both sub ohm and non sub ohm vaping manage perfectly well with any type of e liquid mix.

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Contact US You can submit a support ticket here: Submit A Support Ticket or call us on 0800 001 6182 or email Ichor Liquid is Owned by T Consolidated LTD 15 Glen Darragh Gardens Glen Vine Isle of Man IM44DD

Summary: Are you looking for E liquid at affordable prices? We are the UK's no.1 vape liquid store offering allergy free 100% VG e-juice for both fruit and tobacco lovers. Visit our store now. For more details you can visit at

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