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For some individuals, all of the stress, happiness and build up to the wedding suddenly get’s replaced with an unexpectedly sad, or even lonely feeling once the special day has been and gone. This could stem from any number of things, and feelings – perhaps relief that all of the planning, photographs and parental problems is through, missing having your nearest and dearest around sippin’ on bubbly, visiting wedding fairs or celebrating (continuously) – or even just a more abstract feeling of “What Now?”

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Remember, you have just gone through one of the most important milestones, completed the unthinkable and have been planning what was possibly a huge event; whilst managing a social life, working full-time and remembering to eat, sleep and everything else in between – you’re bound to feel a little anxious about the change in your life. Don’t worry, it’s normal and your certainly not alone (and your certainly not going crazy!

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In fact, give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of what you have achieved! And, guess what? Before long, you’ll be back on track and excited about what your wedding really represents—the start of your new beautiful life together.

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here are so many different reasons someone might go through a post-wedding low. Maybe they loved the constant buzz that being engaged and planning a wedding brings, or they’d been setting aside some important life decisions (like getting a new job, buying a new home or even starting a family) until after the wedding

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