Installation of Kaspersky Anti virus


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How to install Kaspersky Antivirus on a Smartphone?

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Kaspersky Antivirus Installation The Smartphone is the most popular and widely used gadgets in these days. It is handy and easy to use anytime anywhere. Its most advanced feature makes it is capable of working not less than our computers. But Amid of increasing cyber threats, your Smartphone may be vulnerable in the absence of powerful antivirus software. So Kaspersky Antivirus is an intelligent way to keep everything safe on your Smartphone. It blocks malware and dangerous link and filters out undesired calls & text and guards your private communication. Its remote tools help to prevent personal data stealing if it goes into the wrong hand.

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Continue… So here Kaspersky Support Australia provides you with a complete procedure by which you can readily accomplish this task. So go ahead and follow the procedure… You need a computer and CD of Kaspersky Antivirus software. Connect your mobile device to your computer. Put the CD into the computer hard drive, copy the program and launch it on your mobile. If you don’t have a CD then download it from the Kaspersky authentic site.

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Continue.. Start installation. Open and select the file .apk extension on your mobile. Check the information, it will allow Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 on the “Do you want to install this application?” window. Tap on the “install” button. Window tap will “open” from the “Application installed”.

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Continue.. Examine your license agreement and tap “Accept”. If you don’t accept it tap “Decline” Choose your country in the welcome window, and tap “Next”. Now activate your device administrator. Go through the information of self-defence of the device and anti-theft feature, click “Next” and then click on “Activate” in the “activate device administrator” window.

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Continue… Setup your Kaspersky Account. If you already possess Kaspersky account then select “I have the Kaspersky Account” from “Remote control anti-theft window. If you don’t have Account then select “create a Kaspersky Account” and sign in your web portal.

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Continue… Enter all the relevant information and then tab “sign in”. Set the time before activating it and then activate. You should have activation code if not, select “continue”. You are done with the task now.

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Original Source: If you need any help related to Kaspersky Antivirus, just give us a call 1800-817-695 or for more info, visit our site at Kaspersky Support Australia Thanks for Watching!

Summary: A complete installation guide for Kaspersky Antivirus. If you needed any more help related to Kaspersky Antivirus, just give us a call 1800-817-695 or you can visit out website at

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