Aims and objectives of civil defense


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Aims and objectives of civil defense

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Main Objectives and Responsibilities Civil Defence’ includes any measures, not amounting to actual combat, for affording protection to any person, property, place or thing in India or any part of the territory thereof against any hostile attack, whether from air, land, sea or other places, or for depriving any such attack of the whole for part of its effect, whether such measures are taken before, during at or after the time of such attack.

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SCOPE : Civil Defence is the defence of the people, by the people and for the people. It is not the defence by the military as some may understand. Civil Defence is the measure adopted by the civilian population, Government, Local Self-bodies, Voluntary agencies, NGO’s etc. during the war to minimize the effect of enemy action on men and its armed force to win the war in battle fields. In fact the scope has touched such a magnitude that Civil Defence is regarded as the Fourth Arm besides, Army, Navy and Air Force.

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Civil defense services Headquarter service Communication service Warden services Casualty service Fire Fighting service Training service Rescue service

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Civil defense services Depot and Transport service Supply service Salvage service Welfare service and Corpse Disposal service.

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The work of the civil defense during peace time 1) Providing relief to the affected people in emergency situations. 2) Training the volunteers to carry out the acts of civil defense. 3) Organizing the rules and the means of industrial safety and security. 4) Fire fighting, fire extinguisher, rescue, and ambulance. 5) Establishing operating rooms, centers for civil defense and identifying the necessary specifications and supervisions of the shelters to protect the population. 6) Creating and preparing the civil defense formations of different majors and processing it with the necessary equipments and means.

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7) Storage of various materials and equipment necessary to sustain life in war emergencies and disastrous situations. 8) The preparation and implementation of the necessary actions that aims to achieve safety and to avoid disasters and to remove its effects in addition to providing cash subsidy. 9) Use the media to achieve the objectives of civil defense. 10) Implementation of the plans of evacuation and accommodation in emergency cases.

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The work of civil defense during war time 1) Organizing the rules and the means of warning concerning dangers and air raids. 2) Prevention of air raids and the effects of destructive weapons. 3) Restrictions on lighting. 4) Restrictions on traffic.

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Objectives: 1) Providing protection to both people, public and private properties in addition to the sources of national wealth from the dangers of disasters and war. 2) Establishing public safety in all activities that are considered to be necessary to life, industrial , agricultural, commercial, and residential. 3) Providing all the regions of the kingdom with different services concerning fires, rescue services, and ambulance. 4) Proposing of the plans, projects, and civil defense measures and follow up implementation. 5) Implementing all what is related to its major concerning the plans, projects, civil defense procedures, in addition to the decisions issued by the council of civil defense and the Interior Minister and Head Council of the civil defense. 6) Setting the rules and means of safety in the industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential, and follow up application in the sectors and government and civil institutions.

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7) Inspection work for the business and residential and industrial, agricultural facilities in order to ensure the availability of procedures and required safety and risk control and intervention to avoid before they occur. 8) Quick intervention in incidents of fire in order to control and eradicate it before it develops. 9) Rapid interference in different cases of rescue as they occur under normal circumstances. 10) Take appropriate action to address the disaster according to the decision taken by the prime Minister of the Interior and the Head Council of the civil defense in order to take advantage of the possibilities of military forces and others, and whatever it needs requiring the necessary people, tasks, and tools to assist them in performing their functions.

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