How to Unblocking Flash Player on Safari?


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How to Unblocking Flash Player on Safari? Launch Safari. Click on the desktop icon on your computer to launch Safari, or if you’re using a Mac, click its icon on the Applications Dock at the bottom of the screen. Call 1-877-232-0717

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See what extensions and plug-ins are installed. Once your browser is up, click on “Help” from the menu bar on the upper-left portion of the browser window. Select “Installed Plug-ins” from the drop-down menu. The Add-ons window will then open containing all the installed extensions and plug-ins on your Safari browser.

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Enable Flash Player. Just click the “Plug-ins” button on the Add-ons window, and look for “Adobe Flash Player.” Click on it and an “Enable” button will show below its name. Click this button to unblock Flash Player.

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Check to see if Flash Player has been unblocked. Test it out to ascertain if Flash Player has been unblocked. Go to media-streaming sites like YouTube, and see if you can now stream content. Call 1-877-232-0717

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