5 Christmas Dog Treat Recipes


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P U P P Y P A W S S A L O N & S P A 5 C H R IS T M A S D O G T R E A T R E C I P E S

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Gingerbread cookies are a must for dogs during Christmas. These cookies are very simple to make and anyone can double or triple the recipe and spread the holiday enjoyment to local shelter dogs. G I N G E R B R E A D D O G C O O K I E S 1

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These cookies are low in fat and calorie and can be kept for several months without any chance of getting damaged. The San Francisco Chronicle has published a report saying that the mint content will help in the dog’s digestion and freshen up his breath as well. You can also add some spinach powder to give these cookies a festive green color. A p p l e M i n t C h r i s t m a s D o g B o n e s 2

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Dog candy canes are a great treat for your dog during the festive season. These are easy to make and your kids can even get involved in the baking process. The candy canes can be freeze for up to six months so that you can start with them straight away when the festive season begins. The peppermint flavor makes it a delicious treat for the dogs. D O G C A N D Y C A N E S 3

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Pumpkin and peanut butter can make a great dog treat recipe when mixed with whole wheat flour, salt, and cinnamon. You can give these cookies some fun shapes like dog bones, Christmas trees or snowmen by using a cookie cutter. D O G T R E A T S W I T H P U M P K I N A N D P E A N U T B U T T E R 4

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Carob molasses are made of carob which is a good alternative to chocolate for dogs. They are low in purine which prevents the formation of kidney stones in your dog. On the other hand, carob mint dog cookies are simply dipped in melted carob, giving a burst of chocolate flavor in the mouth. C A R O B M O L A S S E S A N D C A R O B M I N T D O G C O O K I E S 5

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Summary: As dog lovers, we love to make treats for dogs during Christmas. Check out these mouth-watering recipes and make this Christmas more special for your dog.

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