Writing Your Science Personal Statement for Computer, Biomedical, Data and Other Schools


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Writing Your Science Personal Statement for Computer, Biomedical, Data and Other Schools

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A personal statement is a brief reflective essay in which you need to explain why you’re the perfect student for the program you’re applying for and show your strengths, experience, and skills to make the admissions committee pick you instead of many other applicants.

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Biomedical science PS In your biomedical science personal statement, include: something special about your life which can set you apart from other candidates; events, people, experiences, personal issues, etc. which have helped you to become a person you’re now; explain why you’re so interested in this particular field of study, what has developed your interest and how you’ve pursued your goal to study there;

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what you’ve learned about a chosen field in classes, lectures, work experience, and so on; which skills you’ve gained thanks to working, volunteering, studying at school; your future goals: academic and career;

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if you faced some family or personal troubles, explain how you managed all of them and how it changed you as a person; which skills you have that can help you to be the number one student on the course (such as communication skills, leadership skills, persistence, intelligence, great organization, etc.). Back up all these characteristics with real examples.

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The list of top 5 biomedical science universities Harvard University Stanford University University of Pennsylvania Dartmouth College Georgetown University

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Computer science PS In your computer science personal statement, you need to convince the admissions officers that you’re the most effective and talented candidate they can ever find. Support your arguments with your real experience.

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One of the biggest falls is to make the assessing committee bored. Make your piece of writing lively, unique, and inspiring, and you’ll definitely distinguish yourself from other candidates. Your goal is to make your personal statement memorable.

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The list of top 5 computer science universities Stanford University Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Oxford ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich University of Cambridge

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Environmental Science PS In environmental science personal statement, you need to compose an impressive opening paragraph, preferably with a “Wow” effect when the admissions tutors can say, “It is something new…We’ve never read something like that”. Your goal is to grab reader’s attention from the very beginning. So, be sweet and interesting.

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The list of top 5 environmental science universities University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Stanford University Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Wageningen University Harvard University

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Data science PS In your data science personal statement: be honest; keep it simple; sell yourself: stop being shy and start showing off; focus on experiences which mean the most to you; review your written piece.

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The list of top 5 data science universities Columbia University New York University Carnegie Mellon University Northwestern University Georgia Institute of Technology

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Biology science PS In a biology science personal statement, you need to be as specific as possible and be fluent in the language of your chosen field. Tell about books you’ve read, lectures you’ve attended, experts in this field you’ve had conversations, and so on. Show that you’ve done a research in this academic area and prepare to take on any challenges.

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Besides, don’t lie in your paper as sooner or later the admissions will find out everything. Also, don’t include in your paper your list of grades or anything else the admissions can find in other application documents.

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The list of top 5 biology science universities Harvard University Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of California—​Berkeley California Institute of Technology Johns Hopkins University

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Sports Science PS In a sports science personal statement try to avoid clichés. Just saying you want to be a great sports expert is not enough to persuade the readers you’re motivated enough. Be original and don’t use hackneyed and overused phrases in your piece.

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Write correctly and proofread your paper before submitting. Free of grammar and spelling mistakes paper with a clear language makes a good impression on the readers. Besides, be succinct and stick to the word limit.

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The list of top 5 sports science universities William Paterson University University of New York College at Oneonta University of Illinois At Chicago Robert Morris University Maryville University

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