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35 Degrees Real Pool Heating Solutions

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At 35 Degrees we offer the best method to allow you to enjoy the use of your swimming pool throughout the entire year. We completely understand the huge expenses incurred while constructing your swimming pool. We also understand the disappointment in not being able to use your pool all year round because it’s simply too cold. Now you can swim whenever you want as we supply and install diesel and gas boiler systems to heat up your pool in a matter of hours. About Us More info: https://www.35degrees.co.nz/

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What Services Do We Offer? Our swimming pool heaters come in two main categories, namely diesel heaters and natural gas heaters. Both of these categories of swimming pool heaters are high-performing and can heat larger volumes of water in less time than electric heaters. This means that you can begin swimming faster with our diesel and gas heaters and you and your family can enjoy a prolonged swimming season throughout the year. 35 Degrees specialise in supplying and installing superior swimming pool heaters throughout Auckland and the entire North Island. More info: https://www.35degrees.co.nz/

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Why Choose Us? It’s not as expensive as you may think We take care of the installation We provide excellent after-sales service We’re the professionals More info: https://www.35degrees.co.nz/

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Contact Us Address: 963e Glenbrook Road, Patumahoe, Auckland Phone No: 0800 112 082 E-mail: sales@35degrees.co.nz Website: https://www.35degrees.co.nz/ More info: https://www.35degrees.co.nz/

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Thanks! You Can Follow Us at: More info: https://www.35degrees.co.nz/

Summary: 35 Degrees specialises in superior & efficient swimming pool heating services for swimming pools. Their gas and diesel boiler technology offer fast heat & consistent warmth for your swimming pool. They take pride in delivering results that are focused on real pool heating solutions.

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