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The Top 5 Kitchen Trends By Monnaie Architects & Interiors

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Indian market is becoming receptive to innovative modular kitchen trends. This can be considered due to the increased number of international players operating in the country and gaining exposure to global trends. As a result of this, many trends has been set in kitchen fittings or materials and are slowly giving way to contemporary trends, which are sustainable and high on functionality. Interior Decorators in Kottayam

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THE INTERACTIVE KITCHEN Today, the kitchen is not purely seen as a hub for cooking and cleaning activities. It has gradually transformed into the focal point for families, where besides cooking, small meals are served, homework is done or friends are entertained. The Indian kitchen is slowly becoming the centre of home life and entertainment. Therefore, concepts like open and island kitchens with a small coffee table or dining set-up are gaining tremendous popularity. Interior Decorators in Kozhikode

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CONTEMPORARY COUNTERTOPS From the ancient initial and age-old preferences of marble and granite, homeowners are now looking at innovative materials like quartz surfaces for kitchen countertops. Unlike marble or granite, quartz is also an engineered stone that can be rendered in many colours and textures while giving the same amount of tenacity and endurance of conventional marble or granite. Interior Decorators in Coimbatore

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BUILT-IN APPLIANCES Today modern appliances are gaining supremacy. These appliances come with convenience in operations with high-levels of automation and precision. The installation of built-in appliances is largely dependent on the modularity of a kitchen; it follows the same designing principles of modular kitchens, where the kitchen cabinet heights and depths are standard while the width can vary as per customer requirements. Most of the built-in appliances available in the market are available in standard sizes as per the cabinet modules. Therefore, the growth of this segment is directly connected with the growth of the modular kitchen market. Interior Decorators in Thrissur

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FUNCTIONALITY IS THE KEY While considering a good kitchen designing, functionality is a direct outcome of kitchen fittings. This is a growing trend in its own sphere. Self-closing drawers, electrical opening systems for cabinets where shutters or drawers open at the slightest nudge,  lift-up systems for overhead cabinets, tall units for grocery and bulk storage, corner solutions for maximum space utilisation are some trends that are gaining priority.

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THE BRIGHTER THE BETTER Lighting in kitchens performs a double role; it can be decorative that to enhance expensive crockery and glasses showcased in your glass cabinets; and it can be effective lighting to facilitate kitchen chores like cleaning, chopping and cooking. Decorative LED lighting in cabinets, display lights, LED strips are some ideal solutions to enhance the overall colors and design in your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting within drawers and overhead cabinets are ideal for providing effective luminance to execute every kitchen chore to optimum detail. Famous architects in Cochin

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