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Pub Date: 2009-02-02 | ISBN-10 : | ISBN-13 : | Author : Dr. Amy Vanderbilt | Publisher : Trend Factor Press COMMAND WITHOUT CONTROL - ARTICLE SUMMARY In the social media age, we live in a global society, where communications, and moreover, necessity have produced a convention of vast, physically extended yet tightly connected networks of people. Managers and leaders must accept that control is a delusion, but leadership and agility are real and required. This article details a framework for modern leadership outside of the crippling delusion of control and how your organization can use this insight for an advantage. ABOUT TREND WATCH LIST EXTENDED Trend Watch List Extended - Get the Trend POV! Trend Watch List Extended gives you critical insight into emerging trends that affect your organization's strategic future. Make better strategic decisions with full understanding of how these trends affect each other, your industry and your organization. INSIGHT AND INNOVATION These full length, well researched articles by Dr. Amy Vanderbilt on emerging trends in business, education, the world stage, travel and food provide insight into ways you can turn these trends into a personal and professional advantage. Each article contains data and statistics you can use along with unique insight on exactly how to use each trend in innovative ways for a competitive edge. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Amy Vanderbilt is an author, speaker and commentator from the Washington DC area. For over a decade, Dr. V has used local, national and global trends to give her academic, government and industry clients a personal and professional advantage. Now she is bringing that advantage to audiences world over via her innovative book series, speaking and media commentary. She reveals critical trends in education, business, management and the world stage; and gives readers the tools to harness those trends for their families, themselves and their careers.

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