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Qualitia announces Design Studio Enable Automation at Requirement Stage Accelerate Automation Driven Development

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Qualitia, the pioneer in script-less test automation, announced a new product offering, Design Studio, which promises to help enterprises accelerate software application delivery through its innovative Automation Driven Development approach.

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While working closely with our large global customers, we got feedback that the constantly changing market dynamics always kept the product owners on their toes while bringing their applications to market. They lacked visibility into how their business requirements were being interpreted and how their applications were faring on various quality metrics

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Highlights of Design Studio Accelerate high-quality releases of software applications with assured in-sprint automation Automated Test Case generation End-To-End requirement to test automation integration Accelerate Time-To-Market Qualitia Design Studio seamlessly integrates with JIRA and helps the Business/Quality Analysts expand the user stories

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Qualitia Automation Studio is a scriptless testing platform, which offers an easy and common interface for automating desktop, web, and mobile applications. It offers out-of-the-box integration with popular DevOps tools such as Bamboo, Jenkins, and TeamCity. Automation Studio also provides integration with multiple popular cloud-based testing platforms.

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Design Studio will be available in January 2018. To know more about Design Studio, visit

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Summary: Qualitia announces Design Studio that will help enable Automation at Requirement Stage and accelerate Time to Market for Software Applications.

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