Water Sheikhs and Dam Builders_ Stories of People and Water in the Middle East


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Water Sheikhs and Dam Builders: Stories of People and Water in the Middle East Visit : http://isbooks.net/get

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Pub Date: 2015-07-30 | ISBN-10 : 1412855810 | ISBN-13 : 9781412855815 | Author : Francesca de Chatel | Publisher : Routledge Francesca de ChOtel explores the problems and paradoxes of water resources in the Middle East and North Africa. She takes an entirely new angle on the much-discussed question of water scarcity by examining the history and culture of water from a human perspective. Unlike other books on the subject that provide specialized geopolitical, economic, and hydrological analyses, this book presents the reality of water scarcity through the eyes of those confronting the problem on a daily basis. The author provides a colourful and diverse portrait of a resource that is inextricably entwined with the history and future of the region and its peoples. Using research obtained in her travels, she combines lively character sketches, interviews, travel descriptions, historical anecdotes, and hard facts to reveal the complexity of this invaluable resource. Besides identifying the causes of the current water crisis, the book also discusses the reason for a lack of awareness among the general public, and deals with a variety of themes: the role of water in religions and ideologies, the impact of large-scale water projects on peopleAEs perception of the resource, and the politics of water pricing. In exploring the past, present, and future of water in the region, de ChOtel exposes the roots of the current water crisis. Type The Book Title On Search Form at http://isbooks.net/get