We the Consumer_ What happened to _We The People_


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We the Consumer: What happened to "We The People" Visit : http://isbooks.net/get

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Pub Date: 2014-07-31 | ISBN-10 : | ISBN-13 : | Author : Stephanie Dickert | Publisher : 4PPublishing Most people struggle with their finances. The majority are in debt to at least one creditor, and the amount of debt can be in the tens of thousands – or more. How is a person supposed to pay that off? Furthermore, how does a person avoid a situation like that? In “We the Consumers: What Happened to ‘We the People’?” Stephanie Dickert explains the reasons why people are in financial debt and a simple way to become debt-free. The author shows you ways to budget your money, and even how you can save one million dollars – regardless of your income level. “We the Consumers” is a refreshing look at how to avoid debt and plan for the future. It also examines people’s current perspectives on money and spending, compared to prior generations. It evaluates the causes of societal debt and tells you how you can change your situation around. Most of all, it gives you hope for a financially-free future. Type The Book Title On Search Form at http://isbooks.net/get