Top 7 fantastic features of Zend Framework for offshore web development


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Top 7 Fantastic Features of Zend Framework of Offshore Web

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Zend Framework is an open source, object-oriented web application framework written in PHP  Zend framework is basically a collection of professional all PHP based packages and classes.Zend framework uses various containers by the use of Composer and package dependency managers; some of them are PHP class unit for testing all packages.

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Features of Zend Framework Extend Classes Zend Framework is an object-oriented framework, and it utilizes object-oriented (OO) concepts like inheritance and interfaces.It allows developers to implement their s variations of individual components Being able to customize Zend Framework this way allows user to create functionality that is unique to respective project.

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Object-Oriented Classes Features In Zend Framework, each and everything is an object-oriented. Its main advantage is though; it is the ability to make code reusable. Developer Can Use What They Need Zend framework is much decoupled so developers can take advantage of the components as individual libraries and classes instead of the framework as a whole.

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Ease for Developers Zend Framework is that it has many components that developers can use. Authenticate a user, control access to resources, create some forms, and read an RSS feed. MVC Approach The controller means it contains the logic of the application, every controller can have a different function, controller receive ad change the data by accessing tables through the model, which can be used in views.

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Test-Driven Development Test-driven development is a programming feature that requires a developer to write tests for the function that developer is supposed to code before developing code for the function. Community and Documentation Due to Zend Framework’s multiple components, fully object-oriented and complexity approach. There are many communities going.Zend Framework has the highest number of the community for its support and documentation.

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Conclusion Due to the features like components are fully object-oriented PHP which helps in the development of building tests and writing codes.Zend framework has Extensible MVC implementation which supports layouts and PHP based templates by default. It has got Support for multiple database systems which includes Maria DB, MySQL, Oracle,  Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. References

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Summary: In this post, we discuss about the PHP based Zend framework. You will find how you can use its multiple features and advantages and using it how you can develop a robust application. Moreover the code written here is reusable and can be organized easily. Thus Zend is an ideal choice for web development application.

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Top 7  fantastic features of Zend Framework for offshore web development
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