How to Mount or Unmount ISO Images in


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How to Mount or Unmount ISO Images in Windows 10?

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Mount or unmount ISO images using File Explorer There are multiple ways to work an ISO file using File Explorer. Though, double-clicking the file is the easiest way to mount an ISO image Despite this, you can also right-click the ISO file and click the “Mount” option Otherwise, open “File Explorer” and then select the ISO file, and from the “Manage” tab, you need to click the Mount button

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Once you complete the above process then you will see that the Windows 10 will create a virtual disc drive that you can use to access its content from the left pane Here you have to go with the onscreen options for further preferences Once you're done with the procedure of working with the image, then you can quickly unmount the file by right-clicking the virtual drive under the computer device in “File Explorer” and selecting the “Eject” option

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Windows 10 Technical Support Number 1-800-439-2178 Toll- Free For more info visit at : Website:

Summary: you will fund the instructions to mount and unmount the ISO image in Windows 10 with detailed info. For other help feel free to dial toll-free Windows 10 Technical Support Number.

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