How to Remove the Gmail Account from Your Android phone?


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How to Remove the Gmail Account from Your Android phone?

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When you added a Gmail account with your new Android phone then the information associated with your account automatically syncs with your device. Linking a Gmail account can be beneficial in several aspects like as for data backup, security and for Google app play store that is needed to the different app for various purposes. But sometimes you need to add some other account instead of your earlier account or you want to change the device etc. In this case, you need to disable it at first.

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Before you proceed you should also consider some factors like as removing an account from your device will delete everything which is associated with your account including emails, contacts and setting. So make sure you have a proper back-up for your files. So here Gmail Support New Zealand provides you with a complete solution by which you can readily accomplish this task. Just you need to follow these steps;

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Removing your Gmail account from your phone. Go to the Device menu and then open device’s setting app. Select “User & Accounts” Tap to Gmail account that you want to remove then click “Remove Account”. If you added only one account in your device then you need to confirm your device pattern, pin and password that you add earlier for security purpose. Confirm your account removal.

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There is another option. If you want to stop Emails and message which is popping up on your phone screen frequently, you can simply stop it by turning off individual sync setting. Doing this you can leave your Gmail account connected to the phone.

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These steps are seemingly easy but it might be complicated in case of some other issue you face with your device. Therefore it is always better to get in touch with the experts. So feel free to contact our experts at Gmail Technical Support Number NZ 099509148. They will not only help you in this case but also provide you with a well-described solution in some other similar issue. Source

Summary: Watch PPT and learn about how to remove the Gmail account from your android phone. If you need help related this process then you can contact to Gmail Technical Support Number NZ 099509148. Visit our official website:

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