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Non Technical Skill Set required to become Top Piping Engineer. 1

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A piping engineer has immense responsibilities on his shoulders. His task encompasses designing effective piping systems, and to get things done efficaciously from his subordinates and the laborers. His everyday job not just involves the application of physical and mathematical concepts but it also requires inter-personal skills such as leadership trait, effective communication, multi-tasking, creativity and much more. Employees with sound interpersonal skills are more productive and have an edge over others. So, apart from possessing the technical know-how and requisite experience, you should possess add-on skills if you crave to become a top piping engineer. As a pipeline engineer, you would be subjected to multitudes of environmental, political and economical challenges. Technical knowledge would not be sufficient to tackle such challenges, so you’d be required to possess an awareness of social, business and political scenario. You’ll have to deal with different situations and get the project done on time. 2

Slide 3 3 To accomplish this, you’d require certain skills. These include: Sound communication skills Communication is an essential skill for the piping engineers. Their task includes regular communications with vendors, laborers, clients and other people. The engineers also require negotiating with clients and holding work-related meetings. In order to be successful in their jobs, a piping engineer should be able to listen, write and speak effectively. Proper communication eradicates the risk of misunderstandings that would otherwise either lead to delay or failure of the projects. Leadership Leadership is all about assessing the risk, taking initiative, making right decisions, guiding the subordinates and assuring that the project is completed on time, that too within the budget. Leadership is not just about leading a team but it is also about leading yourself to take risks, overcome obstacles and attain goals.

Slide 4 4 Creativity Creative mind and quirky ideas can help in finding solutions to critical problems. Creative skillset is essential for engineering projects. Some solutions may involve employing out-of-the-box ideas and innovativeness. It is innovation that leads to pioneering thinking which leads to the identification of the errors and their modification. Adapt to the challenges Challenges are a part and parcel of engineer’s day-to-day life. The ability to adapt to the changes and challenges lies in the success of a piping engineer. An engineer who adjusts according to the environmental, engineering and political situations has an edge over mediocre engineers. Positive thinking, assessing problems and finding requisite solutions is the key to becoming a top engineer.

Slide 5 5 Importance of these skills Varied skillset along with technical knowledge is essential to become a top piping engineer. These skills facilitate an engineer to flourish in his field. Effective communications help you to understand the project and get it done accordingly. Inquisitive mind aids you to deal with challenges and devise proper solutions. Adaptability to different situations ensures that the project has a successful run. Leadership skills are vital in getting things done in an orderly manner and to strive towards the goals. It aids in reaching the top levels of the job. An engineer who can demonstrate well-rounded skills will definitely become a top piping engineer. Thank You

Summary: Subjective knowledge and experience make you an engineer but certain inter-personal skills help you to become a top piping engineer. A piping engineer has immense responsibilities on his shoulders. His task encompasses designing effective piping systems.

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