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For Employee – Employers Disputes - Best Labour and Service Lawyer in Chandigarh

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Basic Rights Every Employee works to earn his livelihood. Sometime they have to mitigate with issues in their firm. Every employee has some basic rights as a worker of an organisation like: 1. Working Environment: Right to refuse to work in unsafe environment where employee feels any threat to his life. 2. Fair Wages: He has right to ask for fair wages according to work performed by him. 3. Discrimination: If employee is facing any type of unnecessary discrimination or harassment during work from his colleague or some other higher authority, he has right to speak against them. 4. To ask for leave: Though every company is liable to give mandatory leaves whenever required by employee on genuine cause, following the policies of organization, employee can have leave if he feel necessity. Generally there are casual leaves, sick leave, privileged or earned leave, etc. 5. Gratuity: It is lump-sum amount of money paid to employee on completion of at least 5 years. Every organisation which follows some policies is liable to give gratuity to its employees.

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Best Labour and Service Lawyer If employee feels that they are not getting their basic rights they can contact Best labour Lawyer who can help them in protecting their legal rights. There are many other provisions in law for protecting the basic rights of employee and only the Service Lawyer could guide you properly.

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Duties of Employees For availing all these Rights- It is mandatory that the employee should fill the Written Employment Agreement before joining any company/Organisation. He should read the agreement properly before signing documents as they are the only legal source which could stand for you on taking any action.

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Take Proper Guidance There are many provisions in law which support and help an employee in availing his basic rights. Any Employee If facing any type of disputes could contact Best Labour and Service Lawyer in Chandigarh because could provide you best legal advice and could get you relieve from your issue.

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Summary: As an Employee of any Firm if you are facing problem where you find something illegal is being practiced, You can contact Best Labour and Service Lawyer in Chandigarh who can guide you for Protecting your basic rights.

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