Winning at Financial Freedom with Real Estate (Cash Flow Depot Books)


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Pub Date: 2013-02-13 | ISBN-10 : | ISBN-13 : | Author : Jack Miller | Publisher : CashFlowDepot Books Jack Millers most popular booklet with outstanding advice for anyone in any kind of business. It takes the reader from the secrets of power goal setting, though 110 insightful financial rules of the road. This book surveys the entire field of wealth building and gets you on the road to success. Why is it that some people always seem to be ahead of the pack? We all know them. They're winners. Are they smarter? Stronger? Better connected? They may be, but smart, strong, well connected people can still be losers. The difference lies in their choices of the things they want to accomplish, their degree of commitment to those choices, and the way they go about accomplishing the various tasks associated with achieving the goals they set. I've entitled this short course WINNING because that's the name of the game of business and of life in general. Whatever you set out to do, you will only feel successful and good about yourself if you succeed. Regardless of how much money you earn or how much power you might be able to exercise, if you haven't met your own personal objectives, you aren't going to be satisfied or happy. Alter all, happiness doesn't rest so much on the presence of good feelings as it does on the ABSENCE OF BAD FEELINGS. When you know that you've somehow failed yourself - and your dreams for your own future - that nagging realization can deprive you of satisfaction just as surely as a toothache can take away the joy of a spring day. This slender volume is intended to provide a foundation of attitude and principle upon which successful methods for building financial success can be built. To that end, we'll explore methods that you can employ to motivate yourself to act in productive ways. We'll start with a systematic approach to personal goal setting. We'll examine some fundamental principles of sound business relationships, both financial and personal, as they relate to estate building. Armed with these insights, the rest if up to you to take the bit in your teeth and proceed to proceed. That's the bottom line to success - financial well being which will enable you to... Type The Book Title On Search Form at