Winning_ The Business of Formula One


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Pub Date: 2000-11 | ISBN-10 : 1587990113 | ISBN-13 : 9781587990113 | Author : Russell Hotten | Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company Auto racing is one of the world's top spectator sports, and Russell Hotten's Winning thoroughly examines the larger-than-life personalities, cutting-edge technologies and over-the-top commercial triumphs that mark the stunningly successful British-based Grand Prix circuit. Hotten, financial news editor at London's Mail on Sunday newspaper, notes at the start that an entire March to October Formula One racing season actually consumes less time than a single typical work week--although its outsized entertainment and business benefits are ridden full bore year-round. Written from a Brit's global perspective, his book fully explains the sky-high stakes that result when every two-hour race on alternating Sundays is watched by 350 million enthusiasts in over 200 countries. "Only the Olympics and (soccer's) World Cup surpass these viewing figures", Hotten writes, "but they only take place every four years." As such F1 has become an international commercial phenomenon, even if its US appeal is dampened by America's fascination with home-grown NASCAR and Indy racing. Everything is in place for even more growth, though, and Hotten tells all about the "fast cars, wealth, glamour, sex, danger" and controversies (such as the big-money sponsorships by tobacco companies). Race fans worldwide, as well as those interested in the general business of sport, will likely find Winning a winner. -- Howard Rothman Type The Book Title On Search Form at