Top Advantages of Using Vtiger Development For Modern Day Business


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Top Advantages of Using Vtiger Development For Modern Day Business By Michelle L. Rash Vtiger

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Vtiger is open source free to use CRM application which was absorbed from SugarCRM to establish a fully open source CRM application. The free edition provides wonderful features like reporting, a customer portal, and an Outlook plug-in. However, the paid version offers many other features. What is Vtiger?

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1. No licensing fee: The Vtiger CRM system comes with a lifetime free license. Thus, there is no need to pay anything additional to start using it. It is also possible to take help of of developers or any Vtiger offshore service provider company to change the look and feel and Brand elements of Vtiger to give it an appearance of your owned product. Advatanges of Vtiger

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2. A wide range of tools: Every business tends to grow regarding size and client base with time. This demands to have scalable tools is always there for any business operations. The Vtiger CRM is most flexible and scalable at the same time.Any user just needs to start using the best of breed sales or support solution and scale up later to its unlimited edition. Advatanges of Vtiger

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3. Automates Every Operations: The Vtiger solution offers wonderful features which help to automate entire customer journey and sales process. Moreover, it allows using custom Vtiger Application, module and extensions automate other operations. This helps business to improve their productivity. Advatanges of Vtiger

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4. Easy and accurate Account management: Vtiger tracks all the accounts and related cases, contacts, and other details from its core. This offshore CRM tool also identifies parent-child relationships between accounts and their divisions. The great part of takes accounts from external sources, like GoldMine, ACT, and other applications. Advatanges of Vtiger

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5. Easy contact management: Vtiger CRM allows tracking all the contact and related opportunities, activities, and other details from a commonplace. It also helps to develop the hierarchy of contacts within a company for better coordination while dealing customers. Moreover, it imports and exports contacts. Advatanges of Vtiger

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This CRM offers an exceptional level of sincerity and flexibility, allowing users to integrate and adapt quickly. This tool is web base CRM so that it can access anywhere at any time. This tool comes with wide range of user-interaction features such as integration with emails system like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird, PDF document generation, Asterisk PBX phone system, tag cloud and calendaring. Other Advatanges of Vtiger

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This CRM offers the sales process and offers a variety of functions like data evaluation and reporting functionalities. Vtiger CRM allows post and pre-sales activate, like great user experience and larger customer support. Other Advatanges of Vtiger

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Summary: Businesses all over the world have embraced the power of Vtiger CRM to boost their customer experience and skyrocket their sales number. In this post, you will witness the power of Vtiger by discovering the excellent module it has.

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