What Are The Steps To Set Password on Lenovo Laptop


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What Are The Steps To Set Password on Lenovo Laptop

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If you use a Lenovo laptop and looking to change the password of your Windows then use these given steps. You can use this tutorial offered by Lenovo support Ireland team, in case, you need help then connect with an expert. You’ll get the complete assistance in this regard.

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Directions to follow: 1- If you have already turned ON your PC, then go to “Start” button from the base of your screen. 2- Next, you have to press on “Settings” from its list to the left side.

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3- Now you have to select “Accounts” and then you have to select “Sign-in” options from the menu.

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4- After that, you have to click on change under change your password tab section.

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5- So, to change your password, you need to sign in with your current Microsoft account password. Next, you have to enter your password in the box and then you have to press “Sign-in”.

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6- Microsoft will send you a new code to change your password with a phone number that is linked to your account. Now you have to enter the last 4 digits of your phone number in order to verify your number and then you have to press “Enter”.

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7- Next, you’ll receive a code on your phone and then enter the code. Then, a new page will take you to a new page to enter your old password and next, you have to enter a new one again you have to enter a new one. Now press “Enter”.

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8- When you see this message that means you have successfully changed it. Once you follow these steps, you can easily recover your password.

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In case, you come across any issue in following these points then make a call on Lenovo helpline number +353-768887727. Experts can help you in completing this process and resolves the issue when you come across some problematic situation while doing so. Source

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Summary: Learn What Are The Steps To Set Password on Lenovo Laptop

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