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Microsoft Number for Outlook +1-855-785-2511 Outlook 2003 Older releases of Outlook 2003 use port 465 for a secure connection, and won’t do port 587. So first we’ll try 465, and if something objects to that, fall back on port 2525.

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Go to Tools > Email Accounts Select “View or change existing e-mail accounts” and click “Next” Select the relevant email address and click the “Change…” button Make sure that the “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)” box reads “smtp.gn.apc.org” if this is your account.

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Click the “More settings…” button to the bottom right. Click the second tab along, “Outgoing server” and ensure “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” is ticked. Select “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”. “Require secure password authentication” should not be ticked. Click the right-hand tab, “Advanced”.

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For “Outgoing server (SMTP)”, remove “25” if that is what you have, and first try entering 465. If you have a tick box with “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”, tick it. (If you instead have a question about “encrypted” connection with a choice of “TLS”, choose that and port “587” as above.) Click “OK” and next and “Finish”. Cancel any messages being sent, and try sending again. If you still get an error, you may want to try using “2525” “Outgoing server (SMTP)” without encryption (not secure).

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Windows 8 Mail It is suggested you upgrade to a better email program, such as Thunderbird. If you have no other option: Start Windows 8 mail Wave your mouse over the bottom right of the screen to get the “charm menu” Choose “settings”, then “accounts” Select your account

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Scroll down to the “Outgoing (SMTP) email server” and On earlier versions port 587 may not work correctly, so use port 465 and tick “Outgoing server requires SSL” Tick the “requires authentication” and “use same settings” below that boxes as well and click “Connect”.

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