Automobiles Industry In India


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Automobiles Industry In India  Future, Trends & Statistics

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Introduction India Automobile industry is experiencing the change stage.  Currently India is the second fastest growing industry in the world after china. According to the estimation of Ernst and Young Indian Automobile industry will become the third largest in the world by 2020.

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GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced 'Make in India' to enhance India's status as a worldwide manufacturing centre point. This incorporated the presentation of new government approaches that will help expand India's generation abilities and in this manner make new and various openings for job opportunities.

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SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Implementation of less complex tax structures, for example, GST. Lack of development open doors for vehicle industry players have pulled in them to other sector.

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Weakness Concerns about Transportation Shortage of integration with related assistance, like financing and insurance. Inappropriate interface to consult on Pricing with merchants.

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Opportunities The automobile business has incredibly profit by these new changes as we see numerous remote organizations putting vigorously in India keeping in mind the end goal to set up enormous creation offices that are sufficiently huge to take into account Indian markets as well as to send out clusters to outside business sectors also.

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Threats Monetary Threats come from unpredictability in business sectors and the insurance sector. Key dangers are identified with clients, contenders and investors.

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CONCLUSION The year 2009 really ended up being extraordinary compared to other years in the historical backdrop of the car business in India. If the trend proceeds with a similar way then Indian will soon turn into the second quickest developing vehicle market in the world after china.

Summary: Future, Trends and Statics of Automobile Industry in India

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