AngularJS - Features You Should Know


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AngularJS - Features You Should Know by Robert A. Bingman

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AngularJS AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source and front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and has a community of individuals in developing single-page applications. The framework is used for developing cross-platform mobile apps. Its main aims are to simplify both the development and the testing of applications by providing a framework for MVC

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Features of AngularJS Data-binding is a most useful feature of AngularJS. It will save the user from writing a certain amount of boilerplate code. When the model changes, the web developer need to change the DOM elements and attributes to reflect those changes. 1. Two Way Data-Binding:

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Features of AngularJS AngularJS incorporates the principles behind the MVC software design pattern into how it builds client-side web applications. The MVC pattern means a lot of different things to different people and developer. 2. MVC/MVVM:

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Features of AngularJS Models are the representations of the database; models can connect to the database, process a query over it and save the data to the database, to apply MVC model perfectly all the connection between model and view should be handled by the logic. 3. View Model:

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Features of AngularJS A view model is an object which provides specific data and methods to maintain specific views. The view model is the scope object that lives within the AngularJS framework application. Scope object is a simple JavaScript object with a small API designed and detects changes to its state. The controller means it contains the logic of the application, every controller can have a different function, controller receive ad change the data by accessing tables through the model, which can be used in views.

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Features of AngularJS AngularJS framework has a tin built dependency injection subsystem that helps the developer and the user by making the apps easier to develop, understand, and test. Dependency Injection allows user to ask for your dependencies, rather than having to look for them 4. Dependency Injection:

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Features of AngularJS Directives are my favorite feature of AngularJS framework. Directives can be used to create custom HTML tags developed by user or developer that serve as new, custom widgets. They can also be used to create elements with behavior and manipulate DOM attributes. 5. Directives

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Summary: In this post, you will find the reasons why AngularJS is popular as an adaptable structural framework for web development. The platform is not just packed with umpteen features but is a comprehensive solution for enterprise application development.

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