How Off Campus Housing is Beneficial for College Students?


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How Off Campus Housing is Beneficial for College Students?

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Living off campus is a luxury many college students dream of, but also a dream that some believe they can’t afford. However, off-campus housing is affordable and comes with a multitude of benefits. In fact, it’s more affordable and more beneficial than on-campus housing. If you’re unsure whether off-campus living is right for you, below is a list of benefits that could help you make up your mind.

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You’re Free to Do What You Want Dorms are notorious for their rules and restrictions. For example, there are strict restrictions for overnight guests, curfews and citations for rule violations. Besides that, with the commonareas overrun with students, it could be impossible to find the privacy and peace to do basic domestic tasks, such as cooking.

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On the other hand, if you live in your own off-campus apartment, you’ll be free to do what you want as well as have the space and privacy to cook, study, have overnight guests and more.

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Off-Campus Housing is a Money Saver

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Contrary to popular belief, on-campus living is more expensive than off-campus living. Besides that, the housing offers less for more. First, you’ll have a smaller living space that’s shared with your roommate as well as common areas (e.g. lounge areas and bathrooms) that are shared with others. In the dining hall, you’ll also have to pay for expensive and often unhealthy meals. You’ll also be required to pay for parking, which is notoriously expensive.

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Off-campus housing is more affordable. For example, preparing meals at home is healthier, more convenient and more affordable than eating out or in the dining hall. Most college dorms don’t have kitchen areas, making meal preparation difficult or impossible.

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Additionally, off-campus apartments are often inclusive, which makes them even more affordable. Plus, apartment communities offer an array of amenities that can’t be found in dormitories. You can save even more money by renting any student bachelor apartment Ottawa has to offer.

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They Offer Many Amenities Beyond common areas and student lounges, college dormitories don’t have a lot of amenities to offer. On the other hand, community and apartment amenities are an integral part of off-campus living. For instance, if you live in the 1Eleven community, you’ll have access to a gym, yoga studio, laundry facilities, study and social lounges, game room and even a restaurant.

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The community also offers secure access and security. Your apartment will be close to Carleton University as well as Byward Market and other shops and supermarkets. So, if you’ve figured out that off-campus living is right for you, make 1Eleven your first point of contact.

Summary: Today, many college students want to live off-campus because of its benefits, especially affordability and freedom. If you are also planning to live off-campus, consider these great benefits before leasing.

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