How to Fix Lexmark Printer Poor Print Quality?


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How To Fix Lexmark Printer Poor Print Quality?

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Streaked Or Uneven Colors Check if the printheads are positioned properly inside the device. Remove any ink plugs or clogs in the printheads by cleaning. If you are attempting a short cleaning and the problem doesn’t get resolved, in that case, do a long clean on all four color bars to clean both printheads.

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Misaligned Lines Check if the printheads are positioned properly inside the device. You can run a print alignment test by selecting the alignment value which forms closest to the straight line. The Entire Page Is Blank/White Make sure that all the tapes are removed from the printheads.

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Print Quality Has Not Improved Even After Installing A New Ink Cartridge You might have dislodged the printhead from the carrier while re-installing them. Ensure they are positioned correctly. Poor electrical connection can also cause the trouble, thus, you will have to reset the printheads. Clean the tab circuit on the printhead.

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Transparencies printed from tray 1 or tray 2 is smeared. Remove each transparency as this causes exits in the device. Increase the dry time setting from your Lexmark driver: For Windows driver, go to the Setup. For Macintosh driver, go to Paper Handling.

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Resolution Higher Than 600 DPI Required The 2400 x 1200 dpi setting is not effective for all print jobs. Although you can enable the facility: For Windows printer driver, go to Setup tab and select 2400 x 1200 dpi. For Macintosh printer driver, go to Print Menu and select Paper Type/Quality.

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The above mentioned processes will resolve minor issues, for more advanced issues, you need assistance. Contact our team at Lexmark Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-687-3777, if you are unable to resolve the problem. Source:

Summary: Are you frustrated with bad quality printouts? Don't worry about this we will guide you thru an easy process to fix poor print quality issues on your Lexmark printer. If your issues not resolved thru above-given process then you need assistance from Lexmark Support experts. Learn more about printer issues and their solution at

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