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Biodegradable Cups an effective Solution to environment Pollution to gift a GREEN environment to our future generation by Nature House Green

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What is waste management ? Every city has its Waste management department whose work is to manage all the waste that a city generates and properly process all the waste so that the environment wont get affected. They create recycling plants, where all the waste which can be used productively after the recycling process is being gathered and treated. There are also dumping yards where the waste is dumped into huge land fills and its decaying results into a natural methane gas which is extracted, stored and used for many productive purpose. There is also waste made out of non degradable petroleum products, like plastic which is considered as one of the most harmful material to our environment. by Nature House Green

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Cont.. Plastic is non compostable so we cant just burry, some can be recycled some cant. The amount of plastic in existence and the rate at which the new plastic items are being produced its not easy for us to conserve our mother nature from its harmful effects, many measures should be implemented voluntarily or even in some cases forcefully to fight for gifting green environment to our future generation. Authorities are taking preventive measures so that it gets easy for them to treat waste in such a way that it can be again useful in some or the other way. According to ISWA, developing countries have 5% of carbon emission through waste only, it is a serious issue which if not taken care of will rise to 8 to 10 % by 2025. by Nature House Green

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How to fight waste ? Use products which can be recycled Paper bags instead of plastic bags Use of Compostable or biodegradable items Eco Friendly Food packaging Creating awareness around you regarding environment Teaching our children the effects of pollution Use of natural resources based energy like Solar and wind Say a strict “NO” to plastic FOLLOWING ARE THE MEASURES TO FIGHT WASTE: by Nature House Green

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Make a change now.. You are not at all required to make a difference on large scale, just switch your coffee cup with biodegradable coffee cups. Instead of drinking in a petroleum based cups switch to eco friendly cups in home, office or school. If everyone just make a little difference, collectively that little effort can result in to a great change. There are many corporate environments as well as educational institution who are aggressively playing their part in contribution towards developing a green environment. by Nature House Green

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Bio degradable cups It is compostable, so even you can burry it in your garden and can be used as soil enrichment material. Decrease the demand of plastic cups, natural materials like sugarcane bagasse can be used to make bio degradable cups. Get appreciation by government authorities for the adoption of a preventive measures resulting in a step towards greener environment. Many big companies, sectors, institution and corporate sectors have made the use of bio de gradable things compulsory in their premises. by Nature House Green

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Modern Bio Degradable Cups Previously the eco friendly cups came in a boring white color only, but now you can customize the size, shape and color of it. In which the cup can be customized according to you, even if you want your logo on that cup it can be done. The color used here are eco friendly and made out of materials which are not harmful. The cups size can be customized according to the use, the variants for cups are depending on pouring into compostable cold cups or compostable hot cups beverage in them and amount of liquid for which you are using that set of cups. by Nature House Green

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Awake before its too late You can see the current condition of our planet earth, every year there is a drastic rise in the percentage of pollution of every kind, it is now when we have to take step before it gets too late. Global warming made our planet 2 degree hotter, the ozone layer getting reduced allowing the exposure to sun’s radiation , many species getting extinct and on that also we are still cutting forests. We cannot control the pollution done by huge mega factories but what we can do is changing something in our daily life that will lead to at least some decrement in source of pollution. REDUCE. RECYCLE. REUSE. by Nature House Green

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THANK YOU Save Our only Planet. by Nature House Green

Summary: The ppt is regarding reducing our carbon footprints by just adopting bio degradable cups in day to day life.

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