Make a Christmas Party More Enjoyable


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Make A Christmas Party More Enjoyable

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Wine Glass Markers Wine glass markers are amazing for every kind of party, be it Christmas or dinner parties. You can dress up your wine glasses with wine glass marker by writing guest’s name or special quotes. It an extremely fun way to help anyone upgrade party to a refreshing, even more, entertaining experience.

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Pong Cup & Balls Beer pong is a game whereby opposing participants attempt to land a ping-pong ball into a glass of beer and, upon success, assign the opposite team to drink the beer. This version of beer pong ensures a great level of camaraderie and fun.

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Drink Umbrellas Bring a tropical touch to your party with colorful drink umbrellas. You can dress up wine glasses with drink umbrellas to match the party decoration or color scheme.

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Beer Salt Add a tasty twist to the drinking experience. The beer salts are perfect to add flavor and fun to your party. Impress your guests with delicious and unlimited selected beer salts. This is a simple way to enhance a crisp lager.

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Wine Aerator The Wine Aerator experience is Simply Brilliant for any wine lover. Hold the Decantus over your glass and pour your favorite tipple into the top reservoir. Improves the aroma and flavor of your wine, softening tannins and filtering out sediment. Your guests will be going to love it.

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Be ready to make your Christmas party more exciting with these products! (800) 446-7225 1155 Timber Drive Elgin, IL 60123

Summary: Christmas is on the way and it's time to plan Christmas parties with delicious snacks and drinks. To make your party more enjoyable and unique, check out some guides.

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