The Process of Custom Metal Fabrication by metalscut4u


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The Process of Custom Metal Fabrication BY: Metalscut4u Inc.

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Introduction Have you ever wondered which steps are included to process a custom metal fabrication? Custom sheet metal fabrication is the process of cutting and forming a particular shape as per your specification.

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Steps of Custom Metal Fabrication CAD + Laser Programming Cutting Bending Welding Finishing Quality Assurance

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1. CAD + Laser Programming

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Cutting is the most common first step of a custom metal fabrication process It can be done with different techniques such as laser-cut, water jet, and plasma cut 2. Cutting

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The metal part is cut to the size including the bending radius of the final shape to insure to meet the specifications given by the customer Different tools and machines can be used to bend metal 3. Bending

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Welding comes into the equation when a few parts need to be “connected” to create the final product Alternativley bolting or screwing two parts together is also done in this step 4. Welding

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Giving a finishing touch is the final step of any custom sheet metal fabrication Small particles or dust will be removed for achieving a clean surface In some cases the metal piece can get a color coding. 5. Finishing

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6. Quality Assurance

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While there are many more steps to be mentioned in custom metal fabrication process, the above mentioned points are essential for the custom metal products and services offered by Conclusion

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Summary: While there are many more steps to be mentioned in this process, the four above mentioned points are essential. For the custom metal products and services offered by all or part of these steps are the daily fabrication process to insure high quality and high customer satisfaction.

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