Glass Skylight Roofs Singapore


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Variety Of Glass Skylights Manufacturer in Singapore

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From fixed skylights to flat glass and domed varieties, many homeowners are shocked to discover there are a wide variety of skylights available for your home. Skylights are a great addition if you'd like to bring natural light to a room or for creating a feeling of lightness and space.

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There are ventilating skylights that make an ideal addition to bathrooms or kitchens, tubular skylights that fit into almost any size space, and skylights in almost any shape including rectangular, circular, oval, triangular, and more.

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So, before choosing the right skylight for your home, you should take some time to consider which type of skylight is best for you with respect to the benefits and drawbacks of each type as well as the function of the skylight.

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There are 5 main types of Skylights: Fixed Skylights Ventilated Skylights Tubular Skylights Flat Glass Skylights Domed Skylights Types of Glass Skylights

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Fixed skylights provide extra light and make a great addition to attics, family rooms, or any place you want more natural light without the need for ventilation. Fixed skylights are among the most popular and they come in a wide variety of shapes.

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Ventilated skylights can be opened and closed to allow the passage of air. These make a great addition to bathrooms and kitchens, and they can be controlled by temperature sensor, remote control, wall switch, and manual or motorized cranks.

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Tubular skylights are among the newest styles. They are popular because they are small and can be used where full-sized skylights will not fit. They allow for the passage of light and they're installed the same way as regular skylights.

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Flat glass skylights are built into a framework (usually made of wood, rubber, or metal) and can be placed directly into a cut hole in your roof. Typically, flat glass skylights include all the installation materials and they are among the easiest to install. Moreover, because they are glass, these flat skylights are less likely to scratch.

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Domed acrylic skylights are among the most affordable, especially compared to glass alternatives. These skylights are available in a variety of tints, making them an attractive addition to any home or room. Domed acrylic skylights do not offer the same noise protection as glass varieties, and they tend to be more susceptible to leaking.

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Summary: Today living space spills out of the home onto terraces, balconies and patios. The glass canopy offers shelter while letting light through and gives the modern image of a crisply articulated flat roof hovering lightly over the entrance. We have installed glass canopies to both residential and industrial sector. On top of that, we also provide steel structure with fabrication done in-house by our experienced workers..

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