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Working Memory Capacity Test Learning Resources Nback Test(n-back test)

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About Us CogQuiz is a company committed to the development of powerful computer-based tools for cognitive and neuropsychological research and evaluation. Our goal is to design computerized neuropsychological and cognitive tests that are affordable for assessment of medical and/or mental health status in consultation with licensed professionals. We have strived to make easy to use, affordably priced tests usable by the public. As a consumer, you have the opportunity to take a test that provides age-based norms with feedback. You may print out a report that you can take to a licensed professional for an evaluation beyond the report we provide. We believe that an informed individual is their own best advocate.

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Working Memory Capacity Test Learning Resources There are two main hypotheses for this weak correlation between the n-back task and other working memory assessments. One proposal is that the n-back task assesses different "sub-components" of working memory than do other assessments.

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Measure A more critical explanation is that rather than primarily assessing working memory, performance on the n-back task depends on familiarity- and recognition-based discrimination processes, whereas valid assessments of working memory demand active recall.

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Details The test consists of two boards with pegs and several beads with different colors. The examiner (usually a clinical psychologist or a neuropsychologist) uses the beads and the boards to present the examinee with problem-solving tasks.

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Summary: The n-back task is commonly used as an assessment in cognitive neuroscience to measure a part of working memory and working memory capacity. The n-back was introduced by Wayne Kirchner in 1958.

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