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Welcome American Precision Spring  CONTACT DETAILS AMERICAN PRECISION SPRING Address:- 1513 Arbuckle Court, Santa Clara, CA 95054  Phone Number-(408) 986 - 1020

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About Us American Precision Spring Company Background American Precision Spring Corporation has provided customers worldwide with custom precision springs and metal parts since 1979. We manufacture component parts for a variety of industries, including aerospace, computing, electronic instruments, and medical equipment. A successful, fast-growing company, we have recently doubled the size of our facility. With management personnel in place who have gained extensive product knowledge through team experience, and a stable workforce with years of reliable and dedicated performance (our average employee has been with us for almost ten years). American Precision Spring seeks to be your production partner for springs, wire forms, precision sheet metal forms, four slide and punch press parts.

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Torsion Springs CAPABILITIES Wire Diameter: .004” to .250” As one of the Bay Area’s leading torsion spring suppliers, American Precision Spring has the right tools to efficiently manufacture and deliver the springs you need for your project. Our goal is be your best torsion springs supplier. Contact us today to learn more about our torsion spring manufacturing capabilities. Torsion Springs are helical springs which apply a torque or rotary. American Precision Spring offers two forms of torsion springs which are single-bodied and double-bodied springs. Our torsion springs can be used in a variety of applications varying from fine spiral balance springs in mechanical watches to the much heavier torsion springs found in heavy equipment and automobile.

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Summary: Torsion springs are the most well-known carport entryway repair we keep running into in Columbus. They slide into a bar over your entryway; not at all like their sister springs (expansion springs) that are on the sides of the opening. Uplifting news is – we know how to deal with both. Torsion springs tend to wear out in light of changes in temperature. More American Precision Spring detail view

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