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Ecommerce Innovations And Trends of 2018

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Christmas and new-year are nearby. E-commerce market is getting ready for one of the biggest sales season ever. Little do people know that their online shopping experience is going to change dramatically next year owing to latest technological advancement.

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BY the end of 2018 70% of the ecommerce traffic will be through mobile phones. Augmented reality will have a great influence in ecommerce market in the year 2018. Amazon has already added augmented reality to their app. AR market will rise to $90 billion by 2020. Augmented Reality Shopping Using Mobile Phones:

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Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant will have more exciting integration and updates in 2018. Half of the online search will be done through voice next year, which is 40% at the moment. Target and wall mart will integrate Google express to enable voice purchase Voice Shopping

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Online stores will concentrate on Instagram stories since half of the users are predicted to use the feature next year. Facebook will introduce VR feature ‘Spaces’ for its users to connect Videos will attract more customers from social media than any other content Chat bots and messenger based sales will increase dramatically since 2.5 billion users at present use them and it’s expected to rise dramatically in 2018 Social Media

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2018 will be of CX oriented strategies since 89% of consumers at present has stopped doing business with a company after poor customer service. ‘Customer experience will dramatically improve with the help of Blockchain Technology. Omni-channel shopping experience will dramatically increase by next year. AI and Machine learning will be extensively put to use to increase CX. Customer experience (CX)

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Ebay is going to release their visual search tools by next year. Amazon, Asos and Wayfair have already included the feature. Google lately introduced Google Lens in their pixel phones for advanced search and shopping options. It is expected that in 2018 more Android phones will have the feature. Pinterest already has 150 million users who use visual search feature and is expecting a steep rise in 2018.

Summary: It’s been an exciting year for online merchants. More people are becoming customers of online stores and owing to the reason ecommerce market is at an all-time rise. It is expected that global e-commerce revenue to reach $460 plus billion in 2018.

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